Ed and Julie deserve accolades

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The business people who frequent Fodor's (and I do mean FREQUENT)are much too savvy to post outright sales pitches. They've seen what has happened to those who did. They've become much more crafty and subtle with their efforts, but when someone invites you to visit their site for the answers to a question posted here, or to contact them directly for more information, and they have the potential to earn profits by someone doing so, that's promotion.

It's merely an issue of semantics.
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Oh my!
This thread is beginning to remind me of the US Forum... How unfortunate.
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Cindy, actually he did (that is, say come to my site which has books you might want to buy). I thought it was just a tiny bit tacky and mildly insulting to do that, but not outrageous (I didn't know at the time that these ads were forbidden). The postings by the anonymous nasties are MUCH more offensive. I looked at Ed's site briefly, but it wasn't specialized enough for my needs, and if I were to buy books from Amazon, I'd do so directly. So all that happened because of his somewhat "improper" plug for his book link is that it gave me a second chance to be helped by pushing my neglected query to the top for a while, where it continued to be neglected anyway. (So what's my point? There are BIG OFFENSES and little offenses, and this board is just one tiny piece of life anyway.)
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Carol, I think I saw the post you refer to. In light of the recent spate of "Ed attacks", I assumed it was the work of an imposter. If Ed really said that, then that would be inappropriate commercial promotion, in my opinion.

As an aside, a few people (or one person) are following Ed around the board these days and criticizing his references to his web site. This really doesn't help anyone. I think if someone really has a problem with it, they should take it to Fodors, not muck up the board as with a personal vendetta.
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Coming from Cindy, the queen of mucking up the board with vendettas and personal opinions about anything and everything except travel, that's pretty ironic. Has anyone ever read any actual travel information from her? Yet if there's a social issue to be debated or an argument which requires her lengthy and repeated personal opinions, you can bet you'll find her there.
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The "holier-than-thouers" on this thread are getting laughable.
I've never found any of Ed's postings to be commercials. Quite the opposite, his responses have always been most helpful.
His website? It's provides great help for anyone planning a trip to Italy!
And finally, I must confess that I use my real name and email address. And, further I also confess that I do indeed have something to gain by posting: either helpful information for a future trip or satisfaction that my input helped someone else.
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First let me say ,I have always used my real name and in the beginning my real address.
Now, only part of my address is real(sover.net) to protect from spams.
and in response to that one poster, I have nothing to gain!
I have always appreciated Ed's advice, and thought he has given out informative replies.
I do have a question though.
Has someone been posting to threads and using Ed's address?
Some of his answers recently have not been in his usual style (some bordering on argumentive and rude)
As far as he adding his website in his posting,
I for one am glad he did.
I went to his site months ago, and have found lots of very interesting and helpful advice, and great links to other sites.
There is indeed a fine line between
commercial postings, such as those who tell you to buy their books , or offer their services.
Sometimes, a few posters do come very close to that line.
And , yes, it can be annoying.
But, I just pass them by.
Why do people get so upset over such small things such as these?
Ed gives good advice and has a great website.
So be it.
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inquiring mind
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was the sort of nasty ed on the toilets posting a fake ed or the real ed?
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If I'm the Queen, does that mean I can be in the club of posters that runs this board? Seems only fair.
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Is everybody on this board a jerk? Don't see anyone who could cast the first stone in this whole argument.
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Interesting ! Those who support Ed &
Julie use their real names and those that don't hide their true identity.
What can you conclude from that?
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Those who support Ed & Julie are fellow entrepreneurs who come to this site to promote, (Rex the tour guide, SharonM the travel agent, etc...) and of course they include their real addresses so all those unwitting lumoxes can contact them about whatever it is they are trying to sell. The people who don't dare post their real addresses are those regular travelers who have made the mistake of doing so in the past, only to receive spams and advertisements as a result. So it appears we have the "sellers" and "sellees" , all distinguishable by the e-mails they post.
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Come Out
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Who could object to anyone being paranoid about junk mail?

That's one thing.

To throw rocks, slurs, venom and libel hiding behind an anonymous name is quite another.

Your mother would be ashamed to have brought such a coward into the world.

If you have something to say, let us know who you are. If you don't want people to know who you are, shut up.

Dropping Out of This Madhouse

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I have used Ed & Julie's website countless times, I have corresponded with them via e-mail, and it wasn't until this thread that I became aware that there is a commercial link to Amazon. I have found great value at their site and their replies are always loaded with tons of great advice. I certainly hope they continue using this site to post.

Hey Nope, I always used my real name & address, so please enlighten me...what's my line? (what a ridiculous statement to make; goes to tell you.)

This forum wreaks of jealousy sometimes....
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Doh !
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It reeks of it sometimes also ..
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Nope, how did you conduct your "scientific" inquiry on who uses their real names and addresses on this board? I always do, and yet I am not connected with the travel industry in any way. And if there is a commercial link to Amazon, so what? Is anyone holding a gun to your head to use it?
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You ask what could be concluded from the fact that Ed supporters use their e-mail addresses and the others don't. The people here to make a buck support Ed. The people who don't want to be spammed or subjected to offers to "let me help you plan your next trip to Italy" don't support his clearly commerical endeavor.
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To: nope, xxxxx and the other anonymous critics.
You guys still don't get it! It's sad that you can't conceive of anyone doing something just to helpful.
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IMHO the reason people supporting Ed & Julie use their real names and emails is because they are not ashamed to support people who are being unfairly attacked.

I have NO connection with the travel industry, other than traveling. This is a hotmail address rather than my college one, but my real name is associated with this account.

To be honest, the distortions of Ed & Julie's role on this forum remind me of a political smear campaign. [Might be the upcoming US election...] One thing I have learned in my 58 years on the planet [25 of them in academe] is that any "evidence" can be twisted to support any position. Thus my policy to to read everything I can and THEN decide for myself.

What's my position on the E&J to-do? If you check out the unofficial fodorite website I maintain at: http://it.uwp.edu/fowler/fodor.htm [hmmmmmm. is this a plug? I'm sure someone will be able to twist it into one....] If you click on the link to fodorite websites you will see I have listed Ed & Julie. That was after looking at their site and determining to MY satisfaction that is was what they said it was: the hobby of two retired people who love travel and want to share. BTW I know many other sites with the Amazon link... and trust me... big bucks it ain't! Also 1 million "visitors" doesn't mean UNIQUE visitors. Many of us visit their site more than once I am sure!

The reason I stayed out of this as long as I did is that the kind of argument the "no-name" posters are using is what logicians call a "self-sealing" argument; that is, there is no evidence that will count against it. So it is pointless to try. But I did want my real name and credibility associated with those supporting E&J.
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Once again, I wonder about the nature of all these accusations. How do supporters of Ed and Julie stand to make money ("The people here to make a buck support Ed.")?

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