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gypsyhart Sep 9th, 2016 12:14 AM

Eastern Europe in Winter with Toddler
Hi all,
I need to be in Czech Republic for a few days in January and would love to take advantage of the required time there to play a little as well. The big concern: we'll have our then 18 month old with us. We already live in the timezone, so jet lag isn't a huge concern. And, he's an excellent traveller! (so far).

I know each family is different, but I'd love some input.

We're considering taking the train through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, etc. We're thinking the train will be easier (in winter) than driving. We've also considered just finding a magical AirB&B somewhere beautiful and parking it for a few days. Any suggestions? Is there a place in Eastern Europe that has great sledding (my husband loves to ski, but he's not excited about hitting the slopes alone, leaving me and our son to play). Or other activities/specific places that would be fun for a toddler in winter? Does anyone have a suggested itinerary for about a week? Or should we just spend the few required days in Czech Republic then fly somewhere warmer for our vacation? Lisbon? Barcelona? Naples? There seem to be so many beautiful/amazing options for an Eastern European winter, yet so few things ideal for toddler.

Ackislander Sep 9th, 2016 02:24 AM

At this point, he is basically baggage with a lot of needs. He isn't going to remember any of this, so really you have only to suit yourselves.

Like most men, I don't get spas, but if you do, what about a place where your husband could ski and you could do a spa thing, swapping off time staying with your little boy? A big hotel might well have an indoor pool that he would enjoy, and I have seen photos of places with family sleigh rides. So, something for everyone without having to schlep the toddler around outside a lot.

Whathello Sep 9th, 2016 02:35 AM

My experience is the opposite : I prefer having a car, it becomes a place the kid can sleep in and he is less bumped around.

As for Airbnb I'm not a fan of apartments and with a small child we really enjoyed being in a hotel and not having to cook etc.

No idea of the weather and state of the roads in winter in Prague or even Lisbon. In winter we're either southern France (south-east, with weather between 15c and 20c usually) or Caribbeans (with around 30c).

I'm like your husband : skiing alone or knowing I leave my wife behind holds no appeal to me.

Good weather in winter : Sicily, Cyprus... we loved it esp with small kids, people there are lovely with kids.

RM67 Sep 9th, 2016 04:26 AM

The east of CR should meet many of your needs.

Here's my recent(ish) TR.

Kitzkatz2 Sep 30th, 2016 10:43 PM

From the Czech Republic, an easy destination to get to would be Poland. I would recommend Krakow. Plenty there to keep all ages happy. You can then easily access the winter resort of Zakopane (buses depart from Krakow every 20minutes) where I am sure all of you will have a great time. Try looking at

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