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Aussie603 Feb 11th, 2003 09:01 AM

Dublin serviced apartments??
Has anyone stayed or heard about the Howard Johnson 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Dublin? They are owned by the Prem Group which also owns the Clarion Stephen's Hall Hotel and Suites.

csalazar Feb 11th, 2003 09:37 AM

i actually tried to do some research on them as well and didn't find much. We found it to be the most reasonably priced and the only place to hold all 8 members of our group for St.Pat's day next month, so we're booked. this might be a good starting point :

Cherie Feb 11th, 2003 09:38 AM

Hi Aussie,<BR>I stayed at the Clarion Stephen's Hall last March and was delighted with it. We had a 2-bedroom apartment with full kitchen, dining room, living room, small office area, and bath. It was bright and cheerful (much appreciated in Dublin in March) and well-located. If you're not set on the Howard Johnson, I'd highly recommend the Clarion. On the other hand, since it's the same owners, perhaps it's quite similar.

amyb Feb 11th, 2003 09:45 AM

I stayed at Stephen's Hall a few years back (not sure if it was the same management then) but I loved it. Great location, very good accommodations. I would do so again.

Aussie603 Feb 11th, 2003 11:17 AM

Cherie: I was actually interested in booking the Clarion Stephen's Hall suites, but the booking agent only quoted rates for the HOJO apartments which are managed by the same group. That's why I'm concerned about how they compare to the Clarion Stephen's Hall Apts. The pictures on the website are for Stephen's Hall, I think, and the location of the HJo apts.(of which there are 5 or 6 different sites) is not quite as good as Stephen's Hall. <BR><BR>Maybe I'm nitpicking, because the price is really reasonable, but I want to make sure that we're not surprised in a bad way.<BR><BR>CSALAZAR ~ Since we're not going till July, would you be so kind as to let me know how you liked the suite you booked after your return. Thanks ever so much. Maria

Aussie603 Feb 11th, 2003 11:22 AM

CSalazar: Forgot to give you the website with pictures of the apartment suites. It is:

Cherie Feb 11th, 2003 11:46 AM

I think I booked the Clarion Stephen's Hall through Expedia. You might want to check it out and compare the rates to what you got from your booking agent.

SiobhanP Feb 12th, 2003 03:40 AM

Hi all,<BR><BR>I checked the website and all of the locations are good and actually close to Stephens Hall within a few streets. They may even be a bit quieter as Leeson street can get noisy at nights on the weekend with the late night wine bars. I used to book employees into stepehns hall so I know about them and they were always happy with the accommodation. Much nicer and cheaper than a hotel especially around Paddy's Day. It's a short hop to Grafton Street and the Park. Enjoy!

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