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rod Jun 27th, 1999 09:30 AM

driving time from shannon to cork
I will be arriving at Shannon in mid July and leaving at 11 AM to drive to Cork. Would like to know approximate drive time.

Fiona Jun 28th, 1999 12:09 AM

Hi Rod, <BR> <BR>Allow about 2 - 2.5 hours depending on traffic. <BR>If you need any more info on Cork etc. don't hesitate to drop me an email, <BR> <BR>Fio <BR>

Fiona Jun 28th, 1999 07:55 AM

Hi Fiona, <BR>Thanks for the info on Cork. This is our first trip to Ireland. Did you enjoy it. <BR>We live near Boston, so must everyone has been there. We can't wait to go. <BR>Rod

Fiona Jun 29th, 1999 12:25 AM

<BR>Hi Rod, <BR> <BR>As a Bostonian you probably can guess I work for an American company....truth be told, I work for an American company in Ireland ! Notwithstanding the fact that I'm a "native", I guess I do enjoy living in Ireland ! <BR>Any queries on Ireland, just holler and I'll do my best to help you out, <BR> <BR>Fio

Fiona Jun 29th, 1999 03:22 AM

We are staying at Arbutus Hotel the first night. College St. Cork. Can you give us directions from Shannon Airport? Do you know any good B and B's near The Ring of Kerry. Do you live in Cork or close by? <BR>Rod <BR>

Fiona Jun 29th, 1999 12:30 PM

<BR>HI Rod, <BR> <BR>I'm assuming you're staying at the Arbutus Lodge Hotel in Montonotte Cork - at least that's the only Arbutus Hotel I know of...then again I could be wrong. If you're staying in the Arbutus Lodge you're definitely in for a cullinary treat - it has an excellent reputation and a wonderful wine cellar ! Re giving you directions - we Irish don't really tend to "think" in route numbers, simply "the road to Cork", "the road to Dublin", "the road to Shannon" put your mind at ease I'll forward them as soon as I can. I'd seriously recommend you invest in a good road map of Ireland. The Michelin Guides are excellent. When you in Cork it would be a shame to miss Kinsale - a picturesque little seaside town simply ozzing history.....I'd recommend the Blue Haven Hotel / Restaurant... <BR>Re : Accomodation on the Ring of Kerry. I would recommend spending a night or two in Kenmare - a fabulous little town which I think has far more authentic charm than Killarney. Shelburne lodge in Kenmare town ( ++ 353 64 41013 ) is excellent but booking would be advisable as it is a very popular B & B. Other recommended stops on the Ring of Kerry would be "Nicks restaurant" in Killorglin and Carragh Lake just outside Killorglin is also a lovely stop off point. <BR>Anyway, wherever you decide to stop off have a relaxing vacation, <BR> <BR>Fio

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