driving in France vs Germany

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driving in France vs Germany

I have been driving in Germany a lot, both cities, autobahns and small village and would like to know how it is compared with driving in France since I will be driving from Nice to Loire Valley in June and I'd never drivne in France before. For some reasons, I feel driving in Germany is somewhat easier than in the US. I have minimal problems in driving in cities like Munich, Frankfort or Koln but find driving in Boston can be sometimes fustrating.
Thank you very much.
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I don't think there is any noticeable difference at all. I just think you need the appropriate maps for the area(s) you are driving and some familairization with the names of the towns.
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wes fowler
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There's no significant difference in the driving habits of French vs. German drivers, although Parisian drivers are daredevils, to put it mildly. The most significant difference you may encounter will be toll roads in France as opposed to toll free driving on German autobahns.
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Driving in France:
Autobahn: people stay at the left which is frustating if you want to pass. Speedlimit is 130km/h but the french are speeding. Be aware of police, they like to catch foreigners.
Cities: the french are like a bunch of frustated people. Using the horn, always in a hurry.

Signs are pretty bad on provincial roads. You need a good map. Especially when there's more choice than left or right you will need your imagination.
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The only difference is the toll. It costs to go 80 mph. The french autobahns
are less congested outside of Paris.

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