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Steve Jan 27th, 1999 01:38 AM

Driving around Southern France - Worth travelling through Northern Spain?
My wife and I hiring a car for 5 weeks in France in May. Whilst we're down South we're thinking it might be worth dipping down into Spain. We've read a few horror stories of rental cars being cleaned out by thieves in Spain but we really want to go. <BR>Where should we visit and should we take any precautions? <BR>Your help much appreciated. <BR>regards <BR>Steve <BR>

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Jan 27th, 1999 07:20 AM

Steve, I do not understand your geograhy <BR>If you are in Provence, then Catalonia <BR>is a natural extension--but that is west <BR> <BR>If in Bordeaux, then the Basque region is a wonderful diversion--and that is <BR>south. You have to be more specific. <BR>It is always better to talk in regions <BR>and not countries. By the way, are you <BR>doing the lease deal on your car? That <BR>is a great deal for your time frame.

Bob in Regina Jan 27th, 1999 12:49 PM

A few years back I spent a few weeks travelling from Nice to Provence and west to Pau (near Lourdes) where I studied for 3 months. Though I had been in Provence before, there was so much to see and do in both of these areas, that plans to get to various spots in N. Spain didn't happen. There is no shortage of things to do in Provence and area, or the Pau area either. I was driving, and did get to Barcelona for a few days, plus the incredible Salvidor Dali Musem in Figueras north of Barcelona. Perhaps I was lucky, but I didn't have any trouble with the car (that happened in Rome!). A French friend advised me that having French plates in the Basque area was not always wise, but there does not seem to have been any problem recently from what I know.

Nicole Jan 28th, 1999 01:32 AM

Steve, <BR> <BR>If you have 5 weeks I'd definitely head down into Spain. The Costa Brava area on the coast north of Barcelona is magnificent. In my opinion it is far more beautiful in terms of scenery than you will see on the coast elsewhere further North in France. Barcelona itself is lovely, and if you drive down through Andora the duty free shopping is more than worthwhile. <BR> <BR>In terms of trouble in Spain, we had none ourselves and never heard of any, though maybe luck has a lot to do with it. <BR> <BR>Have a fabulous trip. <BR> <BR>Nicole

Myriam Jan 28th, 1999 04:47 AM

When you are in France it might indeed be a good idea to see something from Spain also. When you are in the Roussillon department you could easily drive to Barcelona (capital of Cataluņa) which is only 200 km away from the French/Spanish border at Le Perthus via a toll highway. Gerona - which is small but also quite nice - is then only 80 km away. When you are in the Marseille region it is 500 km to Barcelona and when you are at the French Rivičra (Nice, Cannes, …) 700 km. The coast between the Fr/Sp border and Barcelona is called Costa Brava which means wild coast and is really very nice with lots of small and larger bays. <BR> <BR>You could also drive to Andorra, a very small state nested in the mountains between Spain and France. If you do this, follow carefully the weather precautions as the mountain roads are narrow and if you end up in dense fog in the mountains this might be very dangerous. <BR> <BR>The only precaution I would suggest: try not to be alone on the highway parkings. <BR> <BR> <BR>

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