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Jeannie Jan 27th, 1998 02:17 AM

Dresden, Germany
Is Dresden worth a 2/3 days visit? Any suggestions regarding central hotels? The airport seems to be clouded in mystery! Does anybody know anything about it? I think there may be a bus service every 30 mins - does it go to the hauptbahnhoff ? Please email replies to me.

Fiona Jan 27th, 1998 05:17 AM

I spent about half a day in Dresden last summer and that was long enough. If you want to visit lots of museum type things you might find enough to do but I wouldn't recommend a long visit. It's a nice city but when I visited everything seemed to be under renovation. I'm afraid I can't help with hotels and I didn't know there was an airport.
Make sure you see the Zwinger palace complex, the opera house, Frauenkirche (being rebuilt) and the catherdral near the centre are also worth visiting.

Richard Jan 27th, 1998 06:08 AM

My wife and I are planning a bicycle trip through Germany in late April/early May. We plan to terminate the tour in Dresden and then take the train to Prague. We travel solo, not part of a tour. I would be interested in responses you receive as well as your own impressions of Dresden and the area. Thanks.

Leslie Jan 27th, 1998 07:59 AM

I found Dresden to be very bleak and depressing... but then that is what I expected. There is a huge difference still between former East German cities and West German cities.

Larry Jan 27th, 1998 03:02 PM

As previous replys indicate, Dresden is somewhat of a dreary city but it is representative of former eastern bloc cities. One interesting fact about Dresden is that the city was totally destroyed by Allied air raids over Valentines Day weekend in 1944 (45?). After the war parts of the city were rebuilt in the typical Communist Block construction. It was one of the few cities in Germany where almost the entire downtown area was of post war construction.At the time of my visit (shortly after the Berlin wall fell) there were many rememberants of the war in downtown Dresden.

I agree one or two days is all that would be required. Don't forget to visit the Dresden Historical Museum. It is well worth the visit.

Enjoy your trip


Leslie Jan 27th, 1998 06:44 PM

Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slauterhouse Five' is required reading before visiting Dresdon. He is one of the few survivors of the bombing of Dresden, and his book is a masterpiece.

Janie Eason Feb 1st, 1998 10:29 AM

We took a day-long tour to Dresden and Meissen from Berlin last September and really enjoyed it. Lots of construction going on to repair WWII bombing damage but still beautiful buildings to see, great museums with art and antique weapons. The porcelain factory tour in Meissen very interesting.

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