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Muffy73 Jul 13th, 2012 03:50 PM

Dordogne in August
I have wanted to visit the Dordogne for ages, however the only time I can take is the last week of August. From other forum posts, it seems that the area around Sarlat is the best location, but am I better off staying in the town itself (or walking distance) to make the most of restaurants etc in the evening or should we opt for the countryside within fairly easy reach of the town (say 10-15km). We have a car, however I keep reading that traffic build-up / parking can be a nightmare during the high summer period and I don't particularly want to spend long periods of time stuck in traffic. Any advice greatly appreciated.

uhoh_busted Jul 13th, 2012 06:14 PM

You really won't be stuck in traffic much if you avoid traditional rush hours...which is easy on a vacation. If you find a great place to stay in town, where you can leave your car parked, do that. If you. Prefer countryside with lovely views do that. You'd best get crackin' on making reservations now, though...or you won't have much choice.

La_Tour_de_Cause Jul 18th, 2012 09:22 AM

Stay in Sarlat if you like or need to walk to cafés, but stay in the countryside outside of town if you prefer to be away from the traffic and congestion of August tourism. There are dozens of small villages that can give you easy access to Sarlat, when you want to be there, but from which you can make fast getaways when you want to visit castles, caves, bastide towns, go canoeing, etc. Choose anywhere southwest of Sarlat, closer to the river itself, from Vezac, Castelnaud, Cénac, Beynac, to St. Cyprien. Monfort and Carsac are also lovely and close to Sarlat. In August, personally, I would prefer to stay out of Sarlat because of the traffic and congestion. It's fine until July 14, and after Aug. 31.
And with the new diversion road which bypasses the worst of the congestion, you can now easily get from the south side of Sarlat to the north side of Sarlat without having to drive through the downtown. But if you're staying downtown, you'll still have to fight your way in and out every day.

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