Domus Aurea (Nero's Golden House)

Mar 23rd, 2002, 06:24 AM
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Domus Aurea (Nero's Golden House)

Can anyone help me re Domus Aurea?
1. Is a guide required to go though Domus Aurea?
2. Is a guide provided for free or must I hire a guide?
3. If I must hire a guide, what it the cost for 2 people?
4.What are the times for an English speaking guide?
5. May I join a group?
Mar 23rd, 2002, 07:24 AM
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You have to have a chaperone in the Domus Aurea -- I wouldn't exaclty call him/her a guide -- more of a guard. You can purchase audio tours to take in with you.
There is a website with all information -- scroll all the way to the bottom.
Mar 23rd, 2002, 08:13 AM
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We were there 10 days ago. It was magnificent (if you like that kind of stuff!), don't miss it. We arrived in Rome late Thursday and made the Monday reservation on Friday. Depending on when you're going you might need to make a reservation further in advance. I believe several people arrived without a reservation and were able to get in. The guide speaks in Italian; you rent (4 euro, I think) an audioguide. Our guide also spoke a little English, a little Spanish, and a smattering of French. She tells you when to start a section and also added a bit in English. We had all those countries represented in our tour as well as two from Germany. You may not freely roam through, you need to have a guided tour. Go and enjoy, you won't believe your eyes!
Mar 23rd, 2002, 09:39 AM
chay hobson
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you must first book your trip to the domus aurea by calling 064815576 when you get to Rome. Then the only guide they provide in English is the audio guide. I live and work as a tour guide in Rome so if you have any more questions send them to [email protected] or call(+39)3332719596
Mar 23rd, 2002, 12:05 PM
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we visited Domus Aurea and had an English speaking guide who in fact was a archeologist. Her tour was truly informative. We booked thru

I can't imagine that the service is not still available. I think that Chay may either be mistaken or have a conflict of interest.
Mar 24th, 2002, 02:40 PM
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Mar 24th, 2002, 03:53 PM
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We went there in October 2000, not long after it reopened. Like Chay, we were in a group with an Italian guide but had an acoustiguide in English. We bought tickets when we got there without problems. The only difficulty was finding the entrance - - wandered through the park searching for it, and happened to pass the entrance after we gave up and were leaving. I hope there are signs by now.
Mar 25th, 2002, 05:21 AM
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You have to go in with the guide, it's included with your admission, who takes a group and who wants to make sure that everyone behaves.
Our guide didn't speak very comprehensible English, but we were able to get the gist. I didn't use the audio guide, perhaps I should have.
The entrance is now well-labeled, and while you are waiting you can have a great view of the Colosseum.
Regarding times of English tours:
The web site is
Email is [email protected]

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