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TONI Sep 20th, 1997 03:19 PM

Will will be going to Paris and are wondering if there are street flea markets selling antiques and collectibles. It's a hobby of our in the States and were wondering if this is available in Paris. It's our first trip. thank you for answering...

Donna Sep 20th, 1997 11:04 PM

Highly recommend that you peruse or purchase the shopping guides to Paris in the travel section of your local bookstore. Well worth the investment (or look)!

Christina Sep 23rd, 1997 07:31 AM

You didn't say when you were going, so that limits
my response somewhat as dates of roving brocantes
(flea markets) vary. They do have a big biennial
art and antiques fair in Paris which is the
premier antiques fair in Europe -- it's taking
place this year on Sept 13-29 in the Carrousel
du Louvre, but you're probably going to miss that.
There are several permanent flea markets in Paris
on the outskirts which you may have heard from.
The two best are the Marche aux Puces on the north
end (get off at the Clignancourt metro stop) and
one on the south (Porte de Vanves metro stop).
The Clignancourt one is open Sat-Mon (7am-6:30),
and really gets going around 10. This place is
huge and offers just about everything, but you
will have to bargain and really know your stuff
to avoid getting taken. The Porte de Vanves
flea market in the south is smaller and is open
Sat & Sun 7am-6:30 (this one does get going early).
Vanves generally has lower prices than Clignancourt,
and it's good for decorative items and paintings.
There's not a lot of furniture there.
Aside from these standing flea markets, there
are roving ones (brocantes) which you can see
advertised on posters, in cafes, and you can
get a list at the Paris Office of Tourism. Dates
and locations often change, but the list I have
of them to date lists some going on at various
stops around Paris until December. For example,
in Oct, there's one scheduled Oct 4-13 in the
13th arr. on Blvd. Auguste Blanqui (Glaciere or
Corvisart metro stop), and one on Oct 19-20
near Pont Louis-Philippe in the 4th arr.
(Hotel de Ville or Pont Marie metro stop).
Antique stores are a whole other story.
If you're looking for those, perhaps your
concierge could help, along with looking in
the Parisian phone book when you get there,
or a good guidebook on this subject.
I don't know the best of those.

Marc Fournier Sep 23rd, 1997 02:55 PM

I was going to help but I must admit that Christina's answer is complete in all ways.

Marc Sep 23rd, 1997 03:00 PM

Considering the length of your answer I can assume that you are French and live in Paris.

Christina Sep 24th, 1997 10:10 AM

Marc -- no, I'm not French, just an American.
However, I visit often and lived and studied in
Paris 2 summers (at the Sorbonne, and L'Institut
Catholique in Montparnasse) so I know the city
fairly well. I try to keep up-to-date with
what's going on in Paris and get some French
publications and newsletters, plus I read LeMonde
sometimes, participate in a couple French
bulletin boards,and try to watch the French news
on TV (I live in Washington DC so we get that
broadcast here, plus I attend events sometimes
at the French Embassy and get their publications).
It is too bad an antiques lover did not schedule
her vacation to be during the Antiques Fair, but
perhaps she couldn't or didn't know about it.

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