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Idiotn Oct 7th, 2012 03:23 AM

Do not use Edreams to buy any airline tickets
On 28/09/2012 using the flight search engine Edreams I bought 3 Etickets for my family from site for a return trip from Europe to United States. The Etickets covered 4 flights operated by United Airlines and Brussels Airlines. A few hours later on the same day I saw that I had made a mistake on all 3 Etickets by writing the first name instead of the last name and vice versa. I immediately sent an email to the company Edreams describing the situation and requested correction. This error description and request was repeated also in a phone call. In the following hours and days Edreams kept throwing the ball to United Airlines. In the meantime United Airlines employees declared clearly that the 3 Etickets cannot be used for boarding due to security regulations. They also with good will tried to modify the Etickets in vain. According to United Airlines the company Edreams sold the tickets and has control and responsibility on the tickets and even if this change was not covered by the contract between the customer and Edreams, Edreams could make a simple commercial gesture by canceling the tickets and issuing new ones since the payment was allready made anyway. But hell no, the guy from the Edreams Front Office did not even bother to pick up the phone. For them it is clear they have the money now the customer who is an idiot (yes because he used their service) has to buy new tickets. I strongly suggest that you do not use this website called Edreams.

PeaceOut Oct 7th, 2012 11:04 AM

Sorry to hear you got scammed by edreams, too. I posted about them last summer because our DD had purchased a ticket through them for a one-way ticket within South America, for $600 which was a competitive price.

When she arrived at the airport, she was told there was NO ticket purchased in her name. She had paid edreams with a debit card and they had her money, but she was SOL because the airline had no record of it. She had to buy a new ticket on the spot for $1200.
They are scam artists and I hope you report them.

biztravfod Oct 7th, 2012 12:46 PM

I'm not understanding either of these posts.

Did PeaceOut's daughter have a confirmation number, printed ticket, anything -- or did she appear at the check-in desk with only her personal ID?

As for Idiotn, I can appreciate that e-dreams may not have anything resembling decent customer service. That's why the tickets are so cheap. There are practically no employees, complaints are outsourced to call centers. But it is not a "scam" that you entered the wrong information when purchasing tickets and now cannot find a human being to make the change for you.

I suggest Idiotn ask for help on the FlyerTalk message board, or post on this website to see if it helps:

biztravfod Oct 7th, 2012 12:56 PM

Just as a heads up:

I looked up PeaceOut's old thread about eDreams snd saw that her daughter had confirmation of her ticket before going to the airport.

However, I also noticed that the post attracted no fewer than 5 one-time posters who arrived and departed only to trash eDreams. Never commented on anything else ever again.

hetismij2 Oct 7th, 2012 01:03 PM

I am sorry you are having a problem with them, but having looked at the edreams site it states very clearly name and surname to be filled in on the form to purchase tickets.
SO I suspect your name is appropriate.

I suggest you follow biztravfod's advice, and next time search directly for what airlines are offering as a cheap price before moving on to a consolidator such as this. Often you will get the same price without the middleman.

Idiotn Oct 7th, 2012 10:27 PM

A general reply: When the reservation is done the name and surname of the buyer are correctly given and used by Edreams to get the money from the credit card. The buyer and the passenger are the same people. The company says they verify the information. Any simple verification automatic or manual will detect the error. But they do not care. Furthermore the site displays every 3 or 4 minutes a nagging message saying hurry up or the reservation can not be done etc. pushing the user to make or ignore mistakes. Now you can say "Seeing all this why did you use their site?" Well that is why my nickname is Idiotn 1. I do not want other people to become idiots.

Idiotn Oct 7th, 2012 10:53 PM

To PeaceOut: Sorry to hear that your daughter fell victim to Edreams. She had to pay 1800 dollars for a trip which is 600 dollars. Do I get it right? I wish I had looked at these forums last year. Now I wish that other people read these forums as soon as they can.
To biztravford: I have already posted on the complaintsboard.

PeaceOut Oct 8th, 2012 07:25 AM

Yes, that was the case. I believe she finally got the initial $600 back from eDreams. She had a confirmation number of her 'ticket purchase' through eDreams, but it was only their bogus number and did not relate to anything in the United system at the airport. None of her proof of purchase meant anything to United, as the money went to eDreams and no further.

She and I both tried to contact eDreams, but they are a very slick scam. For instance, their system is supposedly set up only to receive landline calls. What??

If you Google eDreams, you will find lots of complaints like this.

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