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Do Hungarian women shave their legs and underarms?

Do Hungarian women shave their legs and underarms?

Mar 30th, 1998, 09:15 PM
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Do Hungarian women shave their legs and underarms?

This may seem like a weird question but I really want to know this; Do Hungarian women shave their legs and underarms? I want to go to some of the famous spas in Hungary that I have read about but want to fit in as much as possible while there with the local women (so if I don't speak they won't know I'm a lone foreigner). But if I go to a spa then I want to follow the local custom about shaving or not shaving legs and underarms. I know the Germans and French don't do it ...how about the Hungarians? Please reply by posting here as my address above is not a working one.....I didn't want to get flames if people misunderstand my question. Thank you.
Mar 31st, 1998, 07:36 AM
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From what I have observed shaving the legs and underarms is mostly a north american custom.In Europe it seems to me that it is more a matter of personal preferance.However,I don't think that if you go to a spa with smooth skin you'll stand out,I really would'nt worry about it.Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!
Jan 30th, 1999, 07:33 AM
Erika Favorido
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Some of us do....
But not shaving your underarms in Hungary does not mean you are not "clean".
How was you trip?
Jan 30th, 1999, 08:23 AM
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I spent some time in the town of Bourges, France during the Summer '96. It was a really hot summer and, logically, most women, young and old, wore sleeveless short dresses. Yes, shaving underarms and legs seems to be an optional hygiene practice for French women. BTW, wearing underwear seemed optional as well.

If this was unique to French and German women, you would have probably heard so. My guess is that it is a widespread practice. However, I do have to advice you Kate not to worry about this kind of things. Most likely local guests will be able to detect a foreigner in many other ways, shaved pits been probably only one of them.

Enjoy your visit.
Jan 30th, 1999, 12:46 PM
Bob Brown
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I am not about to touch the shaving question, even with an 11 foot pole.
But on trying to hide the fact that you are a foreigner, well, rots a' ruck.
Even when I lived in Germany and was semi fluent in German, I could fool very few people, like I could count them on the fingers of one hand and still be able to scratch. Sometimes, people were not always sure I was an American, but they knew good and darn well I was from someplace else!!!

Like the now funny time I was on the train station platform in Verona Italy.
I had just missed my connection to Venice because I could not get out of the coach of the train I was on because Italians who were trying to get off were having a shoving, newspaper head-bashing contest in the doorway with the people trying to get on. I and another American finally escaped through the train window, but I could not get across the platform fast enough. So I needed to cool off.
A vendor coming down the platform with a push cart of refreshments caught my eye.
So I asked him in German what the price of a bottle of Coke was. He told me, then he looked at my shoes, and said "Americano", and raised the price 15%.
My Bavarian hat was an insufficient disguise!
Jan 30th, 1999, 09:13 PM
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Among the younger generation of women, shaving is becoming quite common. When I lived in Austria, ads for women's razors and other shaving relating products were very commonplace. I think in Western Europe about half of younger women seem to shave, although the same may not be true for Eastern Europe.
Jun 18th, 2000, 11:15 AM
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Remember this thread?

So, Kate, did you leave the razor at home?

Jun 18th, 2000, 05:41 PM
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Dear Kate,
I find it strange that you would even post such a question. I have worked and lived in Budapest almost two years. The Hungarian women are some of the most groomed and beautiful women that I have seen. I have travelled around Europe quite a bit and trust me "shaving" is not the appropriate word to use in respect to "Hungarian women's grooming" IT IS FLAWLESS! They wax everything! Please don't believe everything you read in the books being printed here and being written by American's; you are better off going with your own instincts and common sense. I have spent last three months in Florida and I tell you that quality grooming has not really reached these parts. If I can - don't try to blend in - just be yourself and I'm sure you will enjoy Hungary as well as I did.
Jun 19th, 2000, 08:43 PM
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You tell her Babs!!! Yes they are waxed!!! If you go to a spa don't make us look like dumb American women, who are lazy slobs, by not waxing or at least shaving. I go there every year and understand their remarks in hungarian. Even if they are smiling at me while saying it. I hate to shave!!! But I knew better than not too.

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