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Definitely consider vacation apartments! We have used them in many countries in Europe, and the ones in Germany are usually lovely. We stayed in a ferienwohnung in Cochem and in the Berchtesgaden area last month; both were two bedrooms with a balcony and wonderful views for 70 euro per night. I have pics of the apartments we stayed in at They are scattered about in the top album.

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I actually find Germany very reasonable compared to the rest of Europe and some places in the US. Even Berlin and Munich. You can eat well for not very much, and the museums are reasonable. In Berlin, many museums, esp. those related to the Holocaust are free.

In Munich, you can have a very nice dinner with a beer for 12 Euros. I just spent 2 weeks there and I loved the low price of dining compared to Switzerland, France and Italy. Also, the suggestion about eating lunch from a bratwurst stand is a good one. The wursts are quite tasty and filling. All the restaurants post their menus outside so you can check prices before you go in.

Germany is a good choice for bargain travelers and I loved Bavaria as well as Berlin.

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The good news is the Euro has fallen to $1.36, a 13 month low!

If you still want to save money, there is a really good quality chain italian restaurant called Vapiano in Nuernberg & Munich. You'll be impressed with the food quality and reasonable prices even for dinner(6-8 euros). They cook everything fresh right in front of you and the place is always nice though modern. They have 2 branches in Munich, one in Theatinerstrasse and the other in Viktualienmarkt. They have a nice one by St Lorenz church in Nuernberg.

A good cheap lunch would be going to one of the doenner stands in all of the 3 cities you're planning to be. My kids always enjoy a good doenner.
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We are headed to Germany and Austria in 4 weeks and I have been very pleased at the accommodations pricing...but it takes work and lots of research.

Shop the hotel prices at all the regular sites and then try the discounters like, Look for special packages. We have booked a 3 night package which includes 2 dinners or lunches (with wine), a concert, a superior double room, breakfast each day all for 340E in high season in Salzburg, a bargain and we know and like the hotel.

I have found similar offers for Germany.

I have personally never found it necessary to stay outside the city and just keep shopping prices - often they will go down unless you are traveling at a really peak time.

Compared to Italy where we just spent 2.5 weeks, the cost of food and accommodation in Germany and Austris (we were there in 2006 as well in December) is a true bargain and the budget accommodations are lovely in Bavaria IME compared to many other countries I have visited.

Shop for two rooms to give you an extra bathroom and because quads are hard to find and therefore not real bargains.

Look at the Tryp in Munich near the central station for a good budget property with a very convenient location.

And yes the Euro is finally moving in the right direction!
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There’s so much good advice here.
We use Priceline for larger cities and I don't mind staying out of city center. The public transportation is very good getting into the city center, so it's not a problem.

As for entertainment, much of what there is to see in Germany is free or extremely inexpensive, take the family walking for the day. We've found great ruins, waterfalls and beautiful vistas taking the walking paths in Germany.
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Nichts ist umsonst!!!! BUT, there is a small Hotel chain in Germany that does offer a bargain....the name of the chain is Landidyll; [email protected]; web site number 49 700LANDIDYLL, 493643/49150....This small chain (less than 35 hotels) are all over Germany, and are 3 or 4 catagory lodgings....we have used than for past 10 + years...ohne bargain ius the aggangement called "kennen-lernen," roughly translated meaning "getting to know you." For 124 euros per person, or 160 single, you get dinner, bed and a sumptuous breakfast buffet for 2 nights.....I many, the room rate is over 124/night. Romy Schwartze essentially runs this from Weimar....we have never been disappointed! Though most staff speak excellent Englisch, we have yet to run into Americans at these places, gluck auf!!!!!..... [email protected]
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JFBARRMD again: I could also mention if you are an AARP member, get your car rental through them, AARP/Expedia, where you DO save a good 20% over the lowest offered..we DID and saved! If not, your best car rental bet is Auto Europe, 1-800-223 5555, who guarantee they'll beat any offered elsewhere. Also, Best Western Hotels, all 3-4 star quality throughout Germany offer weekend rates significantly lower than the weekday rates: Friday, Sat. and Sunday.
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€160 for a single for two nights?! You've got to be kidding. No one needs to spend that much.

I've made two trips by myself to Germany in the last two years. In Oct. 2007, I spent less than €45 per night for dinner, room, and the next morning's breakfast. Last Nov. I spent less that €40 for the same. Half my stays have been only one night.

I get my leads from the town websites, www.
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I second using for hotel search. You will be amazed how cheap hotels can be.

Make yourself familiar with public transport. The regional transport systems have their websites, e.g. for München. Your hotel concierge and the local tourist information will also help. Often, day passes are a bargain, especially those which are valid for up to 5 persons.

Many restaurants serve decent lunch at 4.50 to 6.00 Euros. Dinner will be slightly more expensive.

Another good option is superior fast food which is available in pedestrian zones, shopping centers and train stations (often in underground areas). Especially the train stations are an eldorado for high-quality, low-price fast food, e.g. sausages, pizza, pasta, seafood, oriental stir-fry, vegetarian, Turkish, Greek, juices, sweets etc.

There is also cheap fast food like Bratwurst, Currywurst, French Fries, Döner Kebab, Gyros, Chinese stir-fry ("wok" in Germany), Pizza, sandwiches. Avoid American chains like McD - they are more expensive than German fast food stands.

As an alternative, go to a grocery store and buy supplies for picnic. Bring plastic plates, cutlery and plastic glasses.

Buy your bottles in grocery stores. Having a drink on a parkbench is perfectly correct in Germany. Or you take your drink on your hotel room. A bottle of decent wine is available at 5 to 8 Euros. Bring a corkscrew.

Practically all museums have reduced fees for students. Your teenagers should bring their student IDs. Discounts for AAA membership are very rare - the German partner club is the ADAC. For other reductions (e.g. free days, also rare) look at the museum's website (most websites will have an English version too).
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For 124 euros per person, we rip you off.
That's a pretty decent rate.
Nichts ist umsonst, außer der Versuch meine Werbung hier unterzubringen. And "gluck gluck auf" when you go down the coal mine. It would be interesting to know what the connection between this hotel cain and a coal mine is??
Are the rooms dusty?
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There was a thread on this last year in preparation for the new Germany Fodor's book I believe.
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betty, this is advertising from jfbarrmd, not an actual question.
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