Delos - visit from Mykonos in August

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Delos - visit from Mykonos in August

Can someone please tell me their opinion on visiting Delos with or without a guide; where to catch the ferry, and any other info they can supply?
thanks !
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I visited Delos twice during a stay on Mykonos, once with a guide and once without. It is an extensive site with a lot to look at, and you will get a lot from having a guide; however, you will also likely see less of the site than you would on your own. So that's a judgment call. There are some extraordinary mosaics if that is your thing (it is mine), and we didn't make it to most of them on the guided trip. I actually went the first day by myself and the second day with a guide, whom I got at the dock on Delos.

You catch the ferry at the left end of the waterfront as you're facing the water. There's a little shed where they sell the tickets.

Be warned, if it's really windy the boats don't go, so if you will be on Mykonos for more than a day, try to go to Delos each day until you make it. If you delay until a later day and it's too windy you may not make it at all.
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Like artsnletters, I think you can go either with or without a guide, particularly if you are willing to read about the site in advance. My visit was without a guide, and even so, I was not able to see everything I wanted to see in the time allowed. The advice to go as soon as you can is, IMO, excellent -- and then, if / once you get there, you can decide whether to try to go a second time.

My recollection is that if you face the water from the main town of Mykonos, you walk to the end of the beach to the right, where you will find a shed where you can buy your tickets and a pier, extending to the left, that is where you actually catch the boat. Perhaps my memory is mistaken or things have changed? Either way, it's not hard to find and people should be able to help you.

Advice: Take a hat and sunscreen. Particularly if going on your own, study a map in advance, decide on your priorities, and start your visit with those places.

It is, IMO, an extraordinary site -- enjoy!
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Greece in August will be very hot, on Delos you will particularly notice it as I remember very little shade. Definitely take a hat and sunscreen and water. We just bought tickets near the pier and hopped on the boat, didn't use a guide but wandered around on our own. We probably could have learnt more from a guide but were happy with what we did. I think we went down to the pier the day before to check out prices and departure times.

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kja, I just looked at the map of Mykonos Town on Google Maps, including the satellite view,. and it's definitely to the left as you're facing the water (toward Little Venice). There is a shorter dock with small boats, and then a longer one to the left of that that has the boats to Delos.
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@ artsnletters: I'm glad you checked! As I said, maybe things have changed since I was there, or maybe it's because I actually went to Delos from Naxos, on a boat that stopped afterwards in Mykonos; I assumed -- without proof (always dangerous) that it would be the same pier.
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Any map of Mykonos shows the Delos ferry quay. In the centre left facing the sea on the harbour.
Return ferry 20€. Take the earliest ferry at 09:00, with a return at 15:00.
You need as much time as you can get, the site covers a large area. Do some research before going. You can find maps online to make your own route to what you are most interested in.
The multi language guides can get annoying at various points.

There is just about no shade at all, so cover up and sunscreen, water are very necessary.
The sea generally gets rougher on the return leg and boats not very large not good if you are prone to sea/motion sickness.

The Excursion boats from Naxos/Paros use the Old Port, not the Delos quay. You get a shorter stay and a longer/rougher journey, and it costs more. I don't reckon much of that option.
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