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mauld Mar 13th, 2001 05:56 AM

Day Trips via Train from Zurich
I'll be in Zurich next week and was wondering about short day trips (1- 1/2 train rides away). I'm already planning on visiting Lucerne, but are there any other places worth visiting for a couple of hours??(I'd be returning the same day). I've heard of some 'quaint' towns on the boarder with Germany, or Zaduz-- or should is there anything surrounding Zurich where I should spend more time?

robbie Mar 13th, 2001 07:26 AM

The Karen Brown Switzerland Travel Guide lists anumber of daytrips by train along with travel times. Gives excellent information to help you select <BR>places.

Patrick Mar 13th, 2001 07:37 AM

I found Basel to be a delightful day trip from Zurich. If you like contemporary art, you'd love the Jean Tinguely museum with its very odd collections. The old town is bustling, but charming. It's still probably a little cold, but normally you can cross the river in a cable pulled boat. There is a tourist walk from the train station to the major sites. You can pick up a map for it in the train station or just follow the signs. <BR>Again, maybe a little cold yet, but Schaffhausen and seeing the Rhine Falls is a nice short day trip.

Ed Mar 13th, 2001 08:10 AM

Zaduz? Perhaps Vaduz, the capitol of Liechtenstein? Unless you collect stamps or countries there's not much reason to go there. <BR> <BR>Luzer. is clearly the premier day trip from Zürich. <BR> <BR>Winterthur has a couple of interesting museums. <BR> <BR>One of our favorites is Stein-am-Rhein, a lovely medieval walled village sitting astride the river. Excellent fresh fish meals ... we like the dining room at the hotel Rheinfels next to the bridge. Visit the old cloister. <BR> <BR>Schaffhausen is moderately interesting, though in addition to the architecturally interesting 'old town' one normally goes there for the Rhine Falls. It may be a bit chilly for that, though. <BR> <BR>An 'in-town' excursion, it's just a short local train ride to Üetliberg. Excellent overview of the city and lake and a path to stroll among the trees. Decent little restaurant at the top for lunch, though you may want to check and make sure it's open in the winter. Haven't been up there in March in years. <BR> <BR>Finally, Rapperswil is at the end of the lake. We normally visit by steamer, though not at this time of year. Moderately interesting town, though, and excellent freshwater fish meals available in any of several restaurants near the boat landing. <BR> <BR>None of these are more than 30 minutes by train. <BR> <BR>You'll find a bit more on visiting the city at

Ursula Mar 13th, 2001 11:04 AM

Mauld: You already have a couple of good suggestions. <BR>If you should decide to go to the Tinguely Museum in Basel,(thank you Patrick for this input) then you should not miss <BR>the Fondation Beyeler which is in Riehen (suburb of Basel). <BR>At the moment, there is a superbe Mark Rothko exhibition. <BR>You can find all details about the foundation at <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>People come from all over the world. It's one of the most outstanding and finest small museums I've ever seen! <BR> <BR>Enjoy it!!

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