Day trips to Venice from Florence

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Day trips to Venice from Florence

We'll spending a week in Florence, Italy this Fall'02 and would like to know if it's possible to take a day trip and see
Pisa and Venice or will we need to schedule a separate trip to these places?
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A day trip to Pisa is very easy, one hour by train each way. A day trip to Venice would mean 6 hours on the train and not enough time to enjoy the City of St. Mark. I would not recommend this.
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It is possible to spend the day in Venice, if you take the 3hour train in the morning. There usually is one at 7am.
This will leave you with 9-10 hours visit if you take the 7/8pm train back to Florence.
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The first poster was giving you the best info.

Pisa is easy in a day.

To really appreciate Venice you need to stay in the evening. All the day trippers show up in the day from the boats and one day stops. The place can get crowded....real crowded...mob type crowded...elbow to elbow Disneyland crowded.

In the evening they all get on the boats and busses and depart and Venice is great. You can stroll around and enjoy the city. If you only do the short day trip from Florence be prepared to not enjoy the city. If you spend the night, you will. I would not even go there for a one day look. Save Venice for another trip. Good luck.
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I like Pisa and spent a couple of days there last March. It is an easy trip from Florence as others have said. My 1st visit was on a last minute whim from Florence on a bustour. *But* if you want to budget your time in Florence and just get a 2hr guided tour of the Piazza del Duomo (Leaning Tower, Duomo, Baptistery) and alittle wandering around time. Take a bustour, they leave ~2pm and return ~7pm. It gives you the AM in Florence and time for lunch and it's a relaxing short daytrip (no trains, buses, taxis or schedules). And I only recommend this bustour if your time is limited, if not do a full daytrip to Pisa on your own. Regards, Walter
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I want to know more about the bus trips. We will be spending a couple of days in Florence in March and want to do a quick trip over to Pisa. Not a lot of time involved. Tell me more, like where do you sign up for this and how much it costs?
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Check out the bus tours offered at the American Express office near the Duomo in Florence. We took one to San Gimignano and Siena in October 1999. Personally, I could have skipped S.G. and spent more time in Siena but appreciated not having to do anything but "show up." The tour guide provided in Siena was terrific.
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Vernae: I tried to book it by calling a number on one of those tour pamphlets that hotels usually have in the lobby or in your room (tourist info offices also). The person on the other end asked me where I was calling from and I said the hotel X. She told me to book it at the front desk, which I easily did. I assume that the hotel or the staff get a small commission on the sales, which if fine and does make it easier (I believe I paid at the hotel desk?). That afternoon there were 3 or 4 tourbuses parked across from the train station loading, so make sure you remember the company name, I didn't. I don't recall the cost. As I said, I'm not a fan of bustours but I think this one is a good option if your time is limited. Regards, Walter

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