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Margot Aug 28th, 2000 04:40 PM

day trips from London
I will be in London on business for the month of Sept. and am looking for some good day trips to take on the week-ends. I will be on my own and do not drive. Any ideas?

Jayelle Aug 28th, 2000 05:07 PM

Since you're not driving, you may want to look into the day trips offered by tour companies in London. I took a one-day coach tour that covered Salisbury Catherdral, Stonehenge, and Bath.

Topper Aug 28th, 2000 05:44 PM

I brought some old posts to the top for you. I'll be in London in September too and am also looking for some good daytrips. I'm leaning toward Windsor and Bath.

Kathy Aug 28th, 2000 07:10 PM

We did day trips to Bath, Warwick and Stratford, and Hampton Court. Buses are cheaper, but time is an issue the trains are generally much faster. Winsor is also good. We did not have a car and did not miss it at all on any of the trips; in fact, it was nice to have the hassle. We booked all of our train tickets (except Hampton Court) before we left the states on They were mailed to us within a few days. If you take the train to Hampton Court after 9:00 it is less than half the cost of an earlier train.

hmh Aug 28th, 2000 07:15 PM

When in London in May, we took several day trips to see gardens (Sissinghurst, for example) through Gentle Journeys, which has a web site. We also became aquainted with Evan Evans tour company, which probably hs a web site. They seemed to have tours to everywhere around London, and left from Victoria Coach Station. Also train trips to Ely, to see the cathedral, would be possible. Get day-return tickets--usually cheaper. HMH

Linda Aug 28th, 2000 07:38 PM

Canterbury is a good day trip with the Cathedral and then on to the "white cliffs of Dover". You can take the special train to Scotland for the weekend & see Edinburgh.

Mark Aug 29th, 2000 05:26 AM

We just returned from UK recently and took a day trip to Leeds Castle, Canterbury, and Dover with Evan Evans Tours. We had a great time , although the stops at each place were too short. But that is the nature of tours like that. But I would recommend their company. They have several different tours available, with info accessible from their website, <BR>Take a look and safe journeys.

Kris Aug 29th, 2000 05:31 AM

Margot, you don't need to drive to get around, the train system is wonderful. My top picks are Hampton Court and Windsor Castle, both only a 1/2 hour outside of London. Hampton Court has a wonderful garden and headsets/guided tours to help you identify what you're looking at. Windsor also has a nice shopping district near the castle. <BR> <BR>For longer daytrips, you might consider Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds. I still have Blenheim Palace (near Oxford, probably could combine with Oxford) and Warwick Castle on my list of places to visit. <BR> <BR>You don't need to book train tickets in advance; trains run quite frequently and we've never had a problem getting a seat. Be sure to get cheap day return (round trip) tickets for the train. <BR> <BR>And Greenwich is also a good daytrip, I think there's a flea market there on the weekend.

Marsha Aug 29th, 2000 06:03 AM

My husband and I did a day trip to Avebury. We took the train to Salisbury and then the bus to Avebury. The cathedral at Salisbury has one of the original copies of the Magna Carta, and the town is quite delightful. Avebury is much better than Stonehenge - the village is built in the circle of great stones. You can also get right up to the stones, unlike Stonehenge. Perhaps this trip is too much for one day, but it would make a good overnight stay.

David White Aug 29th, 2000 07:16 AM

Margot, <BR> <BR>Some good suggestions in the posts so far. My advice is to use the train for speed and convienence. For info on rail schedules: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>To book tickets: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>My top picks for close-in day trips include: <BR> <BR>--Windsor: about 35 minutes by train from London. The castle is great (don't go on Sunday if you want to see the chapel). Also, you should walk across the bridge to the quiet town of Eton. <BR> <BR>--Hampton Court: also about a half hour by train (do NOT take the Tube to Richmond, take the train to HC station...much faster). Fans of Henry VIII will love this palace and gardens. <BR> <BR>--Greenwich: probably want to skip the Dome, but the Nautical Museum, Royal Observatory, and the surrounding area are nice. A boat trip on the Thames is the best way to go if the weather is good. <BR> <BR>For a longer trip, I suggest: <BR> <BR>--Bath: If you have a weekend, Bath would be a fine place to go. Nice small city, wonderful architecture, facinsating Roman bath exhibit. <BR> <BR>--York: Another weekend jaunt, about 2 hours by train from London. Medieval walled city, large cathedral, interesting train museum. Have lunch or tea at Betty's in central York. A very walkable city. <BR> <BR>--The Cotswolds: Not easy to see by train, but you can take the train to nearby towns like Warwick (phenominal castle) or Oxford (university town and Blenheim Palace nearby). The Cotswolds has quaint villages and rural scenery that are like pages off an English country calendar. <BR> <BR>This list just scratches the surface! <BR> <BR>Enjoy your trip... <BR> <BR>David White <BR>

Joe Aug 29th, 2000 07:34 AM

I have to second the Warwick and Hampton Court suggestions. Warwick is a short train ride away and the castle and town are just a couple of blocks from the train station. Very easy to get to. In addition to the castle which is wonderful try to see the changing of the guard which takes place at 11:00 a.m. most days. It is not as crowded as Buckingham Palace and you are able to get so close that it makes up for being a bit smaller. Still has all the marching, band music etc. and is quite fun. After seeing the changing of the guard at Windsor, we elected to forego the crowds at Buckingham Palace. The town of Windsor itself is charming with many shops to visit, as is the town of Eton, home of Eton College where Prince William attended school...that may not be important to you, but it sure was to our 13 year old daughter :). All of this is within easy walking distance of the train station. <BR> <BR>Hampton Court likewise, is lovely and well worth the trip. It too is a simple train ride from London and the Palace is a very short walking distance from the train station. <BR> <BR>We took some organized day trips to some other locations, but I would recommend doing Hampton Court and Warwick on your own. You won't believe how easy it is and less expensive than an organized day tour.

Bill Irving Aug 29th, 2000 08:33 AM

If you can get ahold of a copy of a book called "Britain by Britrail" ( I think it is authored by Ferguson), It describes numerous day trips from London, via train. Gives distances, times, & also a sampling of schedules. I have used it numerous times. Many good examples in previous posts, but my favorite daytrips are to Portsmouth for the maritime history, Cardiff/Caerphilly Wales for the castles & people. In a weekend, you could even have Edinburgh has a daytrip destination by using an overnight train. I have done that 3 times myself. Edinburgh is loaded with history & fantastic people.

kam Aug 29th, 2000 09:26 AM

Try to find a copy of "Daytrips: London"--Loads of daytrips via the excellent train service. We've done most of the popular ones and a few of the less known ones and the book is always reliable. You don't need to book ahead. I think York is an overnight stop and Cotswolds are probably done via an organized bus tour. Other than that there's lots to see.

Mark Aug 30th, 2000 06:21 AM

You are spoiled for choice, Margot but if you are able to go away for a whole weekend I would highly recommend taking the train up to Edinburgh. There is easily enough in Edinburgh to occupy a whole weekend, although York would also make a good weekend trip or a good stop off on the way back to London. York is half-way to Edinburgh on the same railway line, but you are only allowed to break your journey on the return. Allow 2 hours for York and about 5 for Edinburgh. Book weel in advance, for the lowest priced tickets, especially if you are leaving on a Friday. <BR> <BR>Nearer to London, I would suggest Hampton Court as an excellent day out and would also plump for Winchester; Salisbury; Bath (all ood weekend destinations too!); Cambridge is also well worth seeing. All these places are easily accessible by public transport (train being the best option) and all are 2hours or less from London. Rye on the South Coast is another good day trip, although you may have to change trains along the way. <BR> <BR>A couple of links and suggestions for day trips are highlighted at: <BR> <BR> <BR>It really depends if you want city breaks or countryside breaks! - If you are after some english countryside, the Cotswolds; Yorkshire Dales and Dorset are all well worth a visit but public transport becomes more of a problem. <BR> <BR>I hope this helps you with some ideas, anyway! <BR> <BR>Regards, <BR> <BR>Mark. <BR> <BR>================== <BR> <BR>

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