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Allison Dec 29th, 2000 05:06 PM

Day trips from Kitzbuhel
As of now, the snow isn't looking too promising for our ski trip in January. If it ends up that we're not skiing much, what sort of day trips can we do from there? Innsbruck? Salzburg? Any suggestions or information would be great! Also, a wish for snow for us would be nice as well!

Mike Murphy Dec 30th, 2000 05:25 AM

Innsruck is less than an hour, Salzburg about 1.5 hours. But hey, unless you're leaving in the next few days...think snow! Here are a couple of links to snow conditions: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>The UK Ski club link gives you on-the-ground reports - updated daily. will get you to the Austrian Tourism Ski report. <BR> <BR>We too are leaving for 2 weeks in mid-January and the trip includes skiing in Megeve, FR where current conditions are only marginally better than Kitzbuhel :( <BR> <BR>Meanwhile here on Long Island, we're due to get 12+" of snow today. Go figure.

John Dec 30th, 2000 06:17 AM

Hi Allison: <BR> <BR>Looks like you, me and Mike are in the same boat. I leave for Lech, Austria oin three weeks. Snow has been scarce but it is comming down now in Lech and it might star moving across to Kitz. Mike's recommendations on the UK Ski Club is perfect. I check it everyday for updates. They have a rep in Kitz who gives first hand updates. Now back to your question. First off, Kitz is a wonderful place, yes it is low altitiude, but it has the prettiest towns in all of Europe. Great shopping, bars and Resturants. Check out the "Pass Turn" area up the road from Kitz. They usually have the best snow. Another diversion is to hike up a marked trail that leads to a breathtaking Gasthaus. After hile up you have a Beer, Goulash Soup and then they give you a Rodel (sled) to wisk you back down! Not for the faint of heart but what a rush! The Gastehaus is called "Bichalm" (sp?) and is again up the road twoard Pass Turn. Look for the Gasthaus Hechenmoos and ask them for directions to the trail. You are near enought to both Salzburg and Innsbruck to make it a long day trip. Both our wonderful towns to see if you never have been to either. Just remember Kitz is used to having off snow periods and they will have numerous diversions to make it a wonderful ski trip!! <BR>JOHN

Izzy Dec 30th, 2000 01:48 PM

I skied Kitz in Jan '96 and the snow was pretty bad. A couple of suggestions: 1)take the train (45 minutes) to Zell am See, hop on the local bus right outside the train station and go to the Kitzenstein glacier in Kaprun - guaranteed snow (190 cm as of last week), you can also try the glacier at Solden. I'll be in Zell in 4 weeks. 2) Salzburg is wonderful for a day, and if you haven't been to Munich, also a great day-2 days. But there's plenty of non-skiing stuff in Kitz - ice skating, hiking, etc. Besides, I'm sure they'll have some by the time you're there. Have fun and check out the Londoner pub but bring lots of cash.

Debbie Jan 1st, 2001 08:03 PM

We skied in Kitz last January, it RAINED several of the days we were there. Nice town to walk around, good food and drinks, not much shopping. Took a 2 day trip to Venice, and long day trips each to Salzberg, and Oberammergau, Germany. Had a wonderful time, never needed an umbrella in a ski town before. Heading to St Anton in 3 weeks, not much snow there yet, either!

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