Day trips from Florence


May 23rd, 2006, 06:31 PM
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Day trips from Florence

Hi All,

I am in the final stages of planning a two week trip to Italy with my family.

We will travel around by train, no plans to rent a car. I was hoping to do an excursion out of Florence using public transportation if possible (as opposed to hiring a car/driver).

If we end up with a free day (or half day ) I was looking for some ideas for excursions. One option is just to wander the city and soak up the beauty of the place, but DD(age 16) is dying to visit some shopping outlets she has heard of outside the city (Gucci? other?).

Now I could care less about shopping in general(I don't even shop much here in the U.S.!), and have read lovely things here about a short visit to Fiesole, but I may have to break down and find a way to take her on this shopping excursion. Does anyone know about these outlets (or, dare I say, a mall?) and how one would get there without a car?

Also, son(age 11) hates shopping, so hubby might take him to Pisa while I take DD shopping. Any advice for us on where to go and how to get there? Are these destinations doable in a half day?

Any advice (or suggestions) would be appreciated. Thanks.
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May 24th, 2006, 02:09 AM
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Ronnie - See your other thread.

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May 24th, 2006, 02:16 AM
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You can take public transport to the outlets, which are grouped together outside of town, go to for directions and a link to the bus service. You could also hire a car and driver if you wanted. I have only been there once and I must admit that I see it as a waste of time when you are in just a wonderful city and in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside.

As for other trips, I would really recco a bike trip or a good walk or hike to get out into the countryside. You could walk to Fiesole, or better yet take a bus up and have a glorious walk back downhill and stop for a picnic lunch. In any event, you should get you and the kids out into the countryside, or your husband could do this if you wanted to take your daughter shopping, IMO this beats going to Pisa for a half day which has the tower but not much else for an 11 year old IMO. For bikes you can take either a group guided ride or just rent bikes and head out into the couyntryside. It is hilly but if you take is slow, perfectly doable; bring a picnic lunch. I have done guided tours with Artviva (Take a look at ://, and have also just rented and gone out on my own. For walks, again you can talk some shorter guided walks tours with the group mentioned above, or there is a very good walking guide to Tuscany published by Sunflower books. Their website is They rate hikes by difficulty and time it takes to complete all or each section, and give good directions on how to reach each walk.

Another group is Accidental Tourist (, they also do bike and waking tours outside Florence, including winery tours. I have not taken any of their tours.
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