Day trip to Tallinn, Estonia


Sep 21st, 1998, 07:46 AM
Dennis Holland
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Day trip to Tallinn, Estonia

I will be in Helsinki March 1999 and would like to do a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia. Most ships seem to take 4 hours. Anyone know of a faster boat. Is one day (afternoon really) enough or should we stay overnight? Any tips or suggestions appreciated.

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Oct 26th, 1998, 10:35 AM
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You can very easily find a ship that will carry you from Helsinki to Tallinn in about two hours, in some cases even faster.
The fastest connections are provided by companies like Nordic Jet Line and Tallink. The ships leave Helsinki in about every two hours or so.
I'm sure many Estonians might disagree, but I think you can get a pretty decent idea about Tallinn during one day.
The town is quite small and there's really not that much to see outside the very center of the town. The old part of Tallinn is awesome, though.
And remember to beware of drunken Finns when in Tallinn
Have a nice visit!

Mick, Helsinki
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