Day Trip to Pisa from Firenze

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Day Trip to Pisa from Firenze

We are planning to spend a few days in Florence mid September as part of our Italy trip. We would like to visit Pisa? Any suggestions on how to travel there, the cost,etc would be great appreciated.
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Hi Linda - Pisa is an easy train ride from Florence SMN.

Fare: € 17 round-trip. Journey time: 1 hr approx.

For timetables see:

Hope this helps ...

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also just as a side note its an easy trip and well worth it (i always wanted to see pisa!!) when you arrive at the train station you hop on a bus (remember to validate your tickets!) and head over to the leaning tower (assuming thats your destination). that bus trip takes about 15 min as it's a local townie bus. everyone is very friendly and will help you out!
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You can take a train to the Tower - changing at Pisa Centrale to the train to Lucca and the first stop is the S Rossore (name?) station just a short walk from the Tower. If you want to return to Florence a different way this station has trains on the Pisa-Lucca-Florence line - Lucca being one of Italy's finest old walled and towered towns IMO

Be sure to have advance reservations in case you want to climb the tower

but just seeing it from below to me is the most amazing thing
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Are you absolutely certain you want to spend the better part of a day leaving Florence and visiting Pisa? Perhaps you are but if you have any reservations at all...I personally wouldn't do it. Your post doesn't say how long you are going to be in Florence or if you are going to make other day trips or if you are including other parts of Italy on this trip.

I've made 4 trips to Italy and visited Pisa on one of those trips. Honestly it is the only place I've visited that I wish I hadn't given up precious time to see. Remember...personal preference but I would recommend a day trip to Siena or San Gimignano or many other possibilities as well.
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I can appreciate people having different reactions, but the Duomo in Pisa and the bell tower (the one that leans!) are two of the most important and beautiful works of architecture in Italy, and rank among the best works of architecture in Europe. The bell tower is particularly magnificent, and the duomo is so magnificent in its proportions (as it the bapistery). The historic name the area, "Campo dei Miracoli" -- the Field of Miracles -- reflects local opinion of the age. It was recogized in its day as being among the wonders of the world.

In addition to the cathedral, the bell tower, and the bapistery, their are several important museums and frescoes (in the cemetary) worth seeing. It's highly advisable to spend a bit of time reading about Pisa and its history before going, or maybe one might get turned off and distracted by the ring of tourist kiosks that surround the site, and the clowning tour groups.

But still, on a sunny day especially, the beauty and complexity of the leaning bell tower amazes.

For what it's worth, I live in Italy and have returned to Pisa more than once, while I'm going to have to talk myself into going back to Siena -- but I am cool to medieval, walled-in places.


I had thought there are some trains from Firenze that stop first at S.Rossosore before proceeding to Pisa Centrale, but PalenQ has a different report. Hers may be right, so double check.


How does one go about making advance reservations to climb the tower? I've never done it.
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zepp - not sure but it has been described many times here how to do it online.

When i was there in Jan a few years back just after the tower re-opened you can to climb the twisting ramps with a guide and only 70 per hour i think were allowed - there was no lift as i thought there previously had been

anyway capacity is relatively few so either show up very early and expect a few hour wait or reserve - come late in day in peak season may be hopeless

The train line that goes from Florence SMN to Montecatini-Terme to Lucca then stops at Pisa S Rossore station, by the tower, before terminating at Pisa Centale - but this way i think takes much longer than going directly to Pisa Cle then chaning to the hourly trains on the Pisa-lucca line (know schedules to prevent a wait at Pisa Cle)

I agree if i had to chose between an extra day in Florence and seeing the Tower i'd go for the tower for sure

Florence is compact and the casual tourist can see its gems in a day or so - of course you could spend weeks there if you wanted as well.
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Another vote to go to Pisa! Hub and I were there in March. We walked up to the tower ticket window and had to wait a couple of hours. It was enough time to go to the duomo and follow a English-speaking group for a bit. The duomo is incredible and has some beautiful art inside.
As I have said before, we have made Pisa our base and really enjoyed the untouristy feel of the are beyond the tower.
Please let everyone know what you decided to do and how it worked out.

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Definitely do it, Lyndamcn. Yes, it's a touristy thing (especially if you get a photo of your or the SO 'holding' the tower up. But it's a lovely area in and of itself to visit. I guess the only question would be whether "a few days" really means about 3 days or not. If that's the case, then you would have to balance seeing Pisa against what there is in Firenze not to mention Sienna et al.

So much Italy, so little time.
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Lynda, these directions are alittle dated but still should be helpful.

zeppole, I agree with you 100% about the Piazza.

I first did the afternoon bus tour from Florence but went back a few yrs later and spent 3 days in Pisa.
It is a nice relaxing but vibrant city with great food at affordable prices.
I once posted that if I had a Star Trek teleportation machine I would live in Pisa and daytrip Italy .
Directions on booking the Tower are in the URL above.
Regards, Walter
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Hello Lyndamcn, I will never forget going into the Duomo in Pisa while many others climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa including my family. I can't explain it but the Duomo touched my heart and brought me peace in a way I will never forget.
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My thoughts on Pisa are a combination of opinions already expressed. I went to Pisa the first time I went to Europe. Since the trip lasted 3 months, we weren't under major time constraints. It certainly was worth it. If you're taking a day out of Florence (and missing some sights there) I'd seriously consider skipping Pisa. Florence is just an amazing city and worth all it has to offer.

Having said that, if you do have the time, I agree that you should NOT miss the Duomo. [We almost did because, well, isn't the bell tower the reason you go there?]. IMO it's much more impressive structure and emotional experience than the bell tower.
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When i was there the Duomo was closed between 12 and 3 or some such thing so plan accordingly - maybe it's now always open but would be unusual i think
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Zeppole, I entirely agree with you. I cannot understand how anybody visiting the campo can fail to be awed by its beauty. And yet many people come away disappointed - it is one of those strange places that seems to divide opinions.

I would rate the Duomo in Pisa among my favourites in Italy. Of the cathedrals I have seen, only Siena and Monreale rank alongside Pisa.
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