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tim Jan 28th, 1998 12:16 AM

Day trip from London to Blenheim Palace and Oxford possible?
Is it possible to take a morning train from London to Oxford, then bus to Blenheim Palace; tour the Palace in the monring, then back to Oxford in the afternoon for a tour of the colleges then back to London the same day? I do not have info on how much time I should allow minimum at each place or the fequency of bus and train services between cities.

Lanny Jan 28th, 1998 05:05 AM

I have done this precise trip myself from London. There are a number of day bus tour companies operating in London. The concierge of your hotel will give you their brochures. All of the companies involved have the tour you want -- Bleinhem and Oxford, with an added plus you probably didn't realize is possible. Not only do you see where Winston Churchill was born, at Bleinhem, but most of the tours also stop at nearby Bladon where you can visit the churchyard and the grave of Churchill, his beloved wife Clementine, and his star-crossed mother Jenny. It is a day tour well worth the taking and I recommend the guided version rather than your doing itself by trying to hop buses to Oxford and from thence to Bleinhem etc. Bleinhem is spectacular, so do enjoy!!

Mary Jan 28th, 1998 09:59 PM

I agree with what Lanny has told you. This is a great trip, and I would do it with a guided tour. Train/bus might be a little complicated for those areas. You didn't say when you were going.
Blenheim Palace is closed to the public until sometime around mid-March. Be sure to check on the opening times.

sgorces Jan 29th, 1998 02:38 PM

Yes, I agree with the above. This is very doable. However, my opinion is that you could do it on your own cheaper than by a tour. On the other hand, the tour would be more convenient. Train to Ox then a tourbus to Blenheim should work fine. You could even take a taxi to Blenheim if you wanted to. Blenheim is terrific. With only one day you will not have time to walk the grounds much. But I would walk around Oxford instead anyway. Oxford is about 90 minutes from London (of course it can take 90 minutes to cross London). It would be a shame to go for only one day because you couldn't push on into the Cotswolds for a peek. If you can squeeze another day out of your trip, you could tour Oxford in the morning, Blenheim in the afternoon, and still be in Chipping Campden for dinner. Chipping Campden has one of the finest small town High Streets in England. The antique stores alone would boggle your mind (and unfortunately so would the prices). Have a great trip.

Mort Jan 31st, 1998 08:41 AM

We took a guided bus tour from London which included Oxford, Blenheim & trip through the Cotswolds. It also included lunch in the Cotswolds.It was very enjoyable & took approx. 6 or 7 hours. I don't recall the cost but I don't believe it was very expensive. Enjoy!!

diane Jan 31st, 1998 12:24 PM

Hi, one other note, if you do get to Blenheim without a tour bus, it sits right on the edge of a lovely town called Woodstock, pretty much the beginning of the Cotswalds. Have lunch at The Bear Hotel, or one of the pubs. It's extremely sweet, and also the view of Blenheim from the edge of the main street is something out of a Merchant-Ivory film. Have fun.

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