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Apr 22nd, 2010, 07:37 AM
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Crete Advice

My husband and I will be in Crete for 5 days in June. We arrive in Chania on a plane from Athens Saturday morning, and leave on a ferry to Santorini on Thursday morning from Heraklion. I have read a lot of posts and it just makes me want to see more and more. This is what I am currently imagining:

Saturday - arrive in Chania, explore Chania, (What are the must see places?)

Sunday - Samarian Gorge
(We are staying at Vranas Studios -, anyone stayed there?)

Monday and Tuesday are the part I am having a hard time planning. I want to see EVERYTHING! so this is what I currently have listed, not sure it is feasible.

Monday - rent a car in the early am and hit the road - go first to Vamos or Rethymno, try and go east to the monastary of Moni Arkadhi, then go west toward Spilli for lunch, then drive through the country and make it to Prevalli and spend the night near the beaches.
Any idea where to stay????

Tuesday-Go to the monastary and the beach in Prevalli - drive toward Matala and see the beaches and the caves there, go to either Agia Triada or Phaestos at night before they close. Then spend the night in Matala or try and spend the night closer to Knossos.
Does this seem possible to do all in one day? Where should we stay? We want to stay only in places that are less than $100 per night.

Wednesday - Go to Knossos in the early am for a few hours, then explore Heraklion, spend the night at Hotel Kastro (anyone stayed there?).
What should we see in Heraklion with only a half day to explore? the museum? fortress? famous fountain?

Thursday - return the car if we haven't already the night before, take the am ferry to Santorini

So basically we are just snaking up adn down Crete in between Chania and Heraklion.
ANY suggestions people might have would be greatly appreciated though we dont want to go East of Heraklion since we dont have enough time and we wont go West of Chania for the same reason. Anything I mentioned above that's not worth seeing? Should we try and see Phaestos and Agia Triada, or is seeing one ok? if so, which one?
Where should we eat? where should we stay Monday and Tuesday nights?

Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!
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Apr 22nd, 2010, 09:23 PM
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Five days is not much time to see Crete but at least you are not trying to see both the east and the west as well.

We had two weeks in Western Crete and did not see as much as you are planning on doing in 5 days however you have a somewhat workable plan.
In the time you have in Chania you will just about be able to explore the old town and Venetian harbour. You can spend hours in the back streets behind the harbour. Be sure to look for the street of knives just behind the Venetian Armories and the old central market as well.
Here are our pictures of Chania.
As you can see there is lots to explore.
After Cahnia I would snuggest you head east to Vamos and then keep going to Rethymnon. It has a small harbour and an old town but not as extensive as Chania but the fortezza is well worth an hour or two to explore.
After the fortezza head south to the Lybian sea. It is about an hour and 20 minutes to the coast. Head to Plakias. It is not really a typical charming Greek town but rather a fairly new town built for tourism because it has a 2 km crescent beach. It is really a good beach. We stayed at Geo-ma pension right across from the beach, just a lovely little hotel.
I would think you will be pretty pooped by the time you get to Plakias and an hour or two on the beach would be a great way to relax.
The next morning you can drive to the Prevelli monistry and then walk down the steep stairs to Prevelli beach. That will take most of the morning.
Then you can head east to Spilli and then on to Matala.
I have to be honest we never got past Spilli before we had to head back to Heraklion for our return flight so I can not comment on anything past Spilli. We are planning on 5 days back in Crete to complete that part of the trip and will overnight in Matala and head up to Gortes and Phaestos and then up to Knossos by about 2 in the afternoon after all the cruise people leave.
I think you can get to all the places you are planning but I do not believe you are giving yourself enough time to actually stop and explore all these places or unwind by spending an hour or two on a nice beach.
Here is our full album of Crete pictures. It will open at Plakias so you can get an idea what that area looks like. I see a couple of pictures dis not load. I will have to go back to webshots and fix that.
Have fun.
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Apr 23rd, 2010, 05:10 AM
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Thank you for the photos and the comments! I will look into Plakais for sure.
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