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Michele Dec 26th, 1998 09:51 AM

Credit at the gas pump
<BR>Has anyone noticed if European gas stations have the credit card machines at the pump as they do in the U.S?

Ismael Libanio Dec 26th, 1998 11:37 AM

Usually they have credit cards machines inside a small shop as in many american cities and roads. <BR>Enjoy.

wes fowler Dec 26th, 1998 06:34 PM

Michelle, <BR>In many of the small towns of Switzerland, when service stations close early and on Sundays, the dispensers are equipped with devices which take currency. You put in 10 or 20 SF and the dispenser shuts off when the amount is reached.

Vincent Dec 28th, 1998 12:01 AM

Speaking for France, some gas stations have those credit card machines at night or on Sundays. Normally, when there is an operator in charge, you help yourself, and then pay (by credit card of course, if you wish).

Rod Hoots Dec 28th, 1998 05:58 PM

I have used credit cards at the pump in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Use big stations with brand names such as Shell, BP, etc. If the station doesn't have them, however, you can usually use your credit card to pay inside. It's a good idea in Europe to fill up when your tank is half full so you have more flexibility in looking for a station. <BR>

covadonga Dec 29th, 1998 12:29 AM

For Germany I recommend you to use the ARAL gas stations, if you are carrying a VISA card. VISA is not so popular in Germany and Austria as Eurocard or Mastercard (Maestro), and some of the petrol stations donīt accept it. ARAL does take VISA, and they also do quite good road maps. In Spain mostly all of the petrol stations accept VISA. It is widely used, you normally pay at the small shop in the station. When in France, we havenīt had any problem paying with VISA, just look for the Carte Bleue symbol. It is the same card.

Michele Jan 14th, 1999 09:57 PM

<BR>Thanks so much for your replies.

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