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Could anyone please tell me how luggage is stored on a train.?

Could anyone please tell me how luggage is stored on a train.?

Sep 7th, 2001, 12:43 AM
T. Paul
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Could anyone please tell me how luggage is stored on a train.?

Hi, simple question from the 1st time train traveler. I will be embarking on a train ride to Munich thru Mannheim from Paris. When I board the train I'll have my carry-on as well as my one suitcase. Where is the suitcase stored. Should I worry about caring for the suitcase or does someone check it. Do they ever lose suitcases from trains like airline flights. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.
Sep 7th, 2001, 01:51 AM
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You'll have to deal with your luggage. It depends what type of car it is, but generally there are racks over the seats and storage areas at the ends of cars and sometimes between seats. I prefer to keep mine near my seat or somewhere that I can keep an eye on it. I've never been on a train where you could check luggage so maybe it's possible on some, I don't know.
Sep 7th, 2001, 02:50 AM
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Exactly as Paige explained: Sometimes above, sometimes beside and sometimes at the end of the car. Never checked as on a plane.
They're your responsibility.
Sep 7th, 2001, 08:38 AM
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T. Paul:

On the trains we've traveled on in Italy, Spain and France we've stowed our bags at the ends of our cars. My husband usually hangs around until the train leaves the station to make sure no one grabs our luggage, and I find our seats and handle our tote bags. We have fortunately usually been on nonstop trains so we are fairly comfortable our bags are okay.

We bought a bicycle chain and thought of placing it through the handles on our bags and the pipe that runs floor to ceiling on the rack, but as yet haven't used it. So far we have had no problems.

One additional comment, traveling by train and lugging your own bags up and down the steps on trains cars, putting them on shelves and overheads, etc. are the best lesson you can learn in terms of packing light!

Hope this helps.

Sep 7th, 2001, 08:48 AM
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If you packed as recommended, with only a carryon size luggage, you can usually find a space above your head. If you travel like a typical domestic American traveller with a 26" wheeled luggage, it either has to stay at the end of the car unsupervised or even just left at the door way as they are way too big to fit in any storage spaces. Unlike, US, however, the French trains don't seem to care about exit clearances. I have been on a train in France where there are so much luggages at the exit that I have to go to other end of the car to exit.
Sep 7th, 2001, 08:58 AM
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Travel stores like Magellans's and others sell very lightweight and retractable steel wire cables with locks, so that if you leave a suitcase on a rack that's some distance from your seat, you can use the cable lock to secure your bag to the rack. It's theoretically possible that someone could cut off the bag handle that you've put the cable through, but that would have to be an ambitious and nimble thief.
It's hard to pack light, believe me I know, but luggage and trains are not an easy match. Also, the luggage racks have two or more tiers, and the ones above your head at your seat can be quite small; one must be in good shape indeed to be able to lift a large bag on and off the upper racks.
I have heard that some trains in some countries have separate baggage cars, but I have no specific knowledge of that.
Sep 7th, 2001, 09:13 AM
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Hi Paul,

I travelled from Nice to Milan once (that was my first ever trip on a train) and I nearly ended up with my luggage arriving a few days later than me!!! When I arrived at the Nice station, I saw a signboard "Luggage Check-in" so common sense tells me to head that direction with my large suitcase. After checking with the staff there using sign language and all, I was pretty sure I could 'check in' my luggage like I would at the airport. Before that, I saw some men with huge trollleys pushing lots of luggages and boarding them in one of the cars.As I was waiting for my turn at the counter, I saw a lady with a bicycle and we started talking (she spoke very decent English). She was making her way to Italy too and was there to check -in her bicycle. I found out from her, to my horror that 'check -in' items usually arrive at their destination a few days later. Imagine if i haven't spoken to this lady and have my luggage checked in!!!!! Since then I have made countless train trips in France, Germany, Switzerland and found that every train I have boarded bears the same principle, you carry your luggage on board yourself and park it either at the front or back (between cars) or put it between the seats . Since this is your first train trip, I must caution you that trains leave sharp. They usually stop at the station for just a few minutes. So when the train arrives, board the train immediately and find your seat when you are safe and sound in there. The other thing is that the door does not open automatically, you have to press the button at the door for it to open. Well, I have waited for the door to open before but it never did until another passenger came along and press the button to get in. He and many other passengers at the station must be wondering what was I doing standing so close to the door and staring at it while the train threatens to pull off any minute. Since we are on this question, how do you people go to the rest room?. Do you lug your bags with you?.
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