Cost of Travel & Itinerary

Mar 1st, 2008, 08:41 PM
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Cost of Travel & Itinerary

I am planning seven to ten days of travel in Czech Republic and Krakow the first week of September 2008. Would appreciate comments on the following:

1. What is the relative cost of travel there: same as Europe? Food? Lodging?
2. Does anyone have a suggested itinerary for one week to 10 days of travel? We do plan on at least 3 days in Prague. How hard is it to get to Krakow, Poland from Prague?

Thanks much.

el pelar
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Mar 2nd, 2008, 09:56 AM
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Mar 2nd, 2008, 10:20 AM
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hello, I've been to both several times. FYI, those places are in Europe.

Very broadly, I'd say hotels are about the same as major cities in W Europe, but food and transportation is cheaper.

Krakow is quite a distance from Prague and there is no direct, high-speed train or anything like that. So while it isn't difficult, it takes time and transfers. I don't think there are any cheap budget airlines on that route, either -- at least not direct, you'd be going through London or something. There are a couple train routes people take -- one more in the north, and from the south. I did the latter. I took a train from Prague south to Olomouc, spent a day there (it is a very pleasant Czech city in Moravia and I wanted to see it), then took the train to Krakow the next day. For the latter train, I did have to transfer at Prerov to a big, nice train going to Krakow (which originated in Vienna). I got into Krakow around 4 pm, having left Olomouc in the morning, maybe 10-11 am (can't recall).

There isn't any great train route where you can leave Prague in the morning around 9 and get into Krakow by 6 pm, as I recall.
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Mar 3rd, 2008, 10:49 AM
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First off, thanks for the correction. I was trying to say "compare cost of C.R. with Western Europe".

Anyway, do you think that lodging outside of Prague is less than in the city, or is it the same? Am I looking at paying at least $100/night for two people anywheres I stay in Czech Republic? My wife and I are in our mid-50's, and aren't interested in staying in youth hostels, but don't need anything luxurious either.

Also, can you get around in the country without renting a car? After travelling for 4 or 5 days, we plan on starting an 8 day bike trip from Prague to Vienna, which goes through the south of C.R., and then on to Vienna.

Thanks again.

El Pelar
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Mar 3rd, 2008, 11:36 AM
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ElPelar - We haven't been to the Czech Republic YET, but are planning a trip there in May.

I can definitely say that the hotel prices I've seen for Prague are equivalent to what we've paid in other large cities in Europe. As I haven't been there yet, I don't know how the quality compares. But judging from website pictures, I'm guessing that the hotel in Prague will be maybe a little less "nice" than hotels we've stayed at in Paris, Barcelona, Rome, etc., but clean and sufficient. We usually try to stay in 3* interesting smaller hotels in central locations, always looking more for character than luxury.

As for lodging in the Czech Republic outside of Prague, we're planning on spending time in Telc and Olomouc (plus Levoca in Slovakia and Eger in Hungary). Based on the prices I've seen, they are a lot cheaper than comparable hotels we've stayed at in smaller cities in Western Europe. Again, the quality looks a bit lower than what we've experienced in Western Europe, in terms of furniture quality, but that's based only on website pictures. All of the bathroom pictures (important to us!) look fine, though again, not luxurious.

We're renting a car to travel to the places outside of Prague, so our itinerary won't necessarily work for you if you're traveling by train.
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