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pat Jan 11th, 2000 02:06 PM

<BR>I am considering going from Italy to France via Corsica. has anyone done this or have any information on places to stay or visit there. <BR>Thanks so much. <BR> <BR>Pat

france and italy lover Oct 31st, 2000 07:43 AM

Why doesn't anyone answer regarding an interesting area like this?

people who Oct 31st, 2000 07:46 AM

Why didn't /you/, france and italy lover?

france/italylover Oct 31st, 2000 07:52 AM

Because I don't know!! But someone must, and I'd like to read about it!

Randall Smith Oct 31st, 2000 08:43 AM

Hello Pat, <BR> <BR>Corsica is a beautiful island. We took the overnight ferry from Livorno Italy and disembarked in Porta Vechio. We stay in Bonefacio, a fortress at the southern most part of Corsica. It is a magnificent setting. Had some of the best seafood, especially the mussles that we've ever had anywhere. The boat ride out into the Med is spectacular. We never made it to Ajaccio (?sp), the birthplace of Nepoleon, but hear that it is worth it. Also Porta Vecchio and Bastia, as well as some of the inland towms are worth a visit. <BR> <BR>You should have a wonderful time. We would go again and explore more of the Belle Ile. <BR> <BR>Hope that this helps. <BR> <BR>We did take the high speed ferry back to Nice from Bastia. It was much better than the slower all night ride from Livorno. <BR> <BR>Ciao, <BR> <BR>Randall Smith

beth Oct 31st, 2000 08:58 AM

Visited Corsica last year - Bonifacio is a nice harbor setting - worth 1-2 days max, forget Ajaccio and Bastia - Calvi is worth about 1 day....the drive between Ajaccio to Calvi is beautiful - the Calanche - quite hairy too. I would visit the inland area between Ajaccio and Bastia...Corsica is very provincial however and not in the way that Tuscany or Provence is....

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