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As long as it takes.
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That's interesting, rcg. Our best friends here are our part-time Canadian neighbors from Ottowa, who spend 5-6 months here every year. I am supposed to walk over to their house tomorrow and bring them some bay leaves from our tree and books to read and will have to ask if they are afraid of being quarantined when they return. This is all so weird!

heti, yes, food shopping and going to the pharmacy or a doctor or a vet or doing so on behalf of an elderly person is permitted, but we still may be stopped and questioned en route. Interestingly, all the wine caves are still open (falling into the permitted category of "gastronomie," HAH) - also notable that the local foie gras vendor's store is still open - priorities, priorities.

We chose to go to the very small grocery store in Les Eyzies (which is completely barricaded shut) today instead of the Intermarché. I don't know if we dare go to our regular fresh Tuesday market tomorrow or not. Decisions, decisions. We've got plenty of food, but you know how you get in the habit of always having something on the list that you want to pick up? Guess we better get over that. We know all the local police, so if we get stopped I'm not worried about being questioned by them, but I'm prepared to be reprimanded, as we are in the age category that is supposed to be staying home. Weird, weird, weird......
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We received an e-mail today from our hotel in Toulouse stating they were closing until 15 April and offering a refund. We had already had our transatlantic cruise cancelled and were just waiting to see how everything played out. St Cirq, you were one of the people urging me to come to this part of France. I hope this passes and we will be able to visit soon. Best wishes to everyone here, there, and everywhere!
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Update: American Airlines redeposited my miles without a fee. I am whole, at least on that account. I will try again for October, along with everyone else.
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Inspired by the Italians singing at their windows, since yesterday, the French make noise at 8pm to salute the health professionals trying to save our lives. Here is my neighborhood 20 minutes ago.

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I just hope those balconies allow people to keep good distance from each other.
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I had to make one more video. I'm finished now.

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Thanks for those, kerouac.
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Thanks, Kerouac, and please don't be "finished" with your reports that help us see what is happening around you.
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I always enjoy your reports Kerouac. Thank you.
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Scientists all around the world tell that the virus will slow down in this period. But it's not for sure. And so, if I were you, I would delay it. By the way, I am a little envious. TBH, I'm all screwed up because of quarantine. My savings are draining hour by hour and I don't know how will I live if in the next month they won't cancel quarantine.
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