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Donald Altschiller Aug 6th, 1998 01:51 PM

Does anyone know of any moderately priced airline <BR>flights from Copenhagen to Oslo? (The SAS flight <BR>costs about half the price of our flight from the <BR>U.S. to Scandinavia!) <BR> <BR>Are there any local airlines that have jet flights <BR>(not prop planes) between these two cities? <BR> <BR>Finally, does anybody know about vegetarian restaurants in Norway and Denmark? Thank you very much. <BR>

Kjell Brataas Aug 17th, 1998 09:56 PM

Why don't you take a boat instead? DFDS Lines have a nice ship that leaves Copenhagen every afternoon at 5 p.m. and arrives Oslo the next morning. Let me know if you need more info. <BR> <BR>Kjell <BR>

anna Aug 18th, 1998 09:29 AM

Agree with the ferry recommendation. If the fare seems a little expensive at first, keep in mind that one night's lodging is included with an overnight trip. <BR>Re: vegetarian cuisine. A restaurant called Riz Raz in Copenhagen is supposed to have a good and reasonably-priced vegetarian buffet, though I have not been to that particular restaurant and I am not a vegetarian.

cheryl Z Aug 18th, 1998 10:23 AM

<BR>Donald, we just returned home a few days ago from Denmark and Norway. I too am a vegetarian but never had problems with eating anywhere in Europe. Do you eat seafood, eggs?? Pasta?? I loved the open faced sandwiches (on wonderful WHITE bread!) that had fresh shrimp, sliced hard boiled eggs, sometimes with tomatoes or siced cucumbers. <BR>I'd recommend taking a ferry too. To get from Denmark to Oslo, since we were in the Western part of Denmark called Jutland, instead of driving back to Copenhagen, we found out about an express ferry that left from Skagen at the Northern most tip of Denmark to Larvik. So we drove up to Skagen from Vejen (the little town we were in, in Jutland) after making reservations, then the ride was about 2 hours or so, then drove from Larvik to Oslo (couple hours or so.) Turned the car in at Oslo, and when ready to leave, did the Norway-in-a-Nutshell train/train/bus/boat/train to Bergen where we had a great time and flew out of there. If you want info about Oslo or Bergen, or the Nutshell routine, let me know. I can't wait to go back to Norway, have been to Denmark several times, but this was first time to Norway. <BR>

WASA THE SWEDE Aug 19th, 1998 02:14 AM

Tap us$ 220 <BR>Maersk us$ 300 <BR>SAS us$ 310

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