Copenhagen and Viking museums

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Copenhagen and Viking museums

Planning a trip to Scandinavia in late May/early June and have a couple questions. Intending to visit Oslo, do the Nutshell tour and Bergen, Stockholm and Iceland.

Question 1-Is Copenhagen a must? I'm having a hard time fitting it in and feel like it would be rushed to enjoy it. Would like to take the Oslo overnight cruise there and would probably only do one overnight in the city. But would like to be exposed to Denmark. I am not a big art musuem person, prefer more the city exploring, canal trips etc. I think what sounds most appealing is the overnight boat trip to get to the city, not the city itself... I guess I'm looking for someone to sell me one way or the other on that city.

Question 2- Viking museums in Oslo and Copenhagen. These interest me but should I plan on seeing both (assuming I go to Copenhagen)? Are they similar or is one better than the other?

Thank you!
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I was in Copenhagen the end of December last year and I'm ashamed to admit that I did not go to any museums. I really enjoyed the city though, just walking around..the Christmas decorations were delightful and last year they had a ton of snow...very unusual for Copenhagen. I did take a half day city tour. I imagine the city would be wonderful in the summer, very lively I'm sure and boat trips on the canals etc. I'm personaly not a big fan of trying to cram too much into a trip, so if it's going to be a strain to fit it all in, save Copenhagen for another time.
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I have done most of what you are planning,except Iceland. Viking museum - did the one in Oslo and the one in Stockholm as well. Have been to Copenhagen 3or 4 times and have not seen one there. HOWEVER, while I enjoyed the other two, I don't think I would be interested in going to another. On one trip I believe one is enough -IMO.

I loved Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. But I truly enjoy Copenhagen-take public trans from downtown out past the airport to the 'village port city' of Dragor. Thatched roofs, great ambience and very doable for 1/2 half day. I love to simply hang out in Copenhagen - catch the music in the streets in June & July, do the canal rides, get a beer-or an ice cream. I love both but believe I have a shade of a preference for Copenhagen-but I'm having trouble assertaining why. Possibly, it is because I find Copenhagen much easier to navigate.

Good museums in both Stockholm and Copenhagen with Stockholm probably leading in that category - more variety, slightly higher quality - Stockholm has a very good Egyptian museum.

You don't say how long you have. Maybe you need to plan 2 trips there because you can still add a Helsinki (36 hr trip from Stockholm) and St Petersburg - all in the same area.

Whatever you decide, you will enjoy - just plan to go back!
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The Danish Viking Ship museum is in Roskilde, a 20-minute train ride west of Copenhagen. It's really fascinating, because they have practically intact examples of the ships the Vikings headed out across the North Atlantic in.

I was intrigued by the fact that the Danes around me at the museum were direct descendants of those gutsy boys.

The ships' state of preservation owes to the fact that the water they sank in was so cold that no marine organisms that eat wood could survive.
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Hi LM,

I was in Scandinavia this past summer, and found Copenhagen and Stockholm to be among my favorite cities. I would definitely not miss Copenhagen.

As for museums, I found the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo to be interesting, yet sparse at the same time. With some of the best preserved Viking ships around, I felt it was a must see due to the age and the remarkable conditions of the ships, but due to my desire to know more, I wanted more, and wasn't willing to carry more books home. A decision I do regret now.

I didn't get a chance to see the Viking Ship Museum in Copenhagen. Sadly, we didn't have enough time there as we had to head back to the cruise ship.

If you're keen on just walking the cities, all the Scandinavian cities are perfect for walking. I'd get an all day pass (depending on how long you're staying) and take advantage of public transportation when your feet get tired.

If you go to Copenhagen, I would second the suggestion to go to Dragor and walk around. Very charming and easy to walk, with an interesting small strip of stores.

I'm not sure I'm understanding your Oslo overnight cruise question. Have you decided in what order you're going to do these cities? Where are you flying into?
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Hi LM,

I would choose Copenhagen over Stockholm over Iceland.

(I'm assuming that Norway is the centerpiece of your visit).

Roskilde is located on a fjord. In addition to the Viking Ship Museum, it has the Cathedral where the monarchs are buried.

Copenhagen has:

Tivoli Gardens
The Strojet.....


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Yup, just contact ira . . . he knows what he's talking about. It doesn't sound like an option, but it's (IMHO) better to take the Copenhagen - Oslo cruise and wake up sailing into the Oslo fjord.

I've posted several times on this forum about the LOUD overnight ferrys between Oslo and Copenhagen and apparently I'm the only one who's had a bad experience. I've been Oslo-Cph and Cph-Oslo twice and each time there were extremely loud drunks scream singing all over the ship until dawn. Uh . . . perhaps that appeals to you.

Have fun.
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We took the ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen two years ago in July and heard no singing drunks. We had a cabin and were asleep, with no problem from noise. Just our experience, for what it's worth.
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I would take Stockholm over Copenhagen any time.
Vasa museum in Stockholm is more intereting than the Viking Museum in the same city.
Vasa is a ship and Museum has been built around it - have never seen enything like it. Like
something from "Master and Commander".
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We loved Copenhagen which we visited last May. However, when we went to the National Museum, where we had hoped to see Viking relics, that particular section of the museum was closed.

Family legend has it that our great, great grandfather found Viking relics on his farm at Mammen, and we had read about the famous "Mammen axe," so we had especially wanted to see the Viking stuff. (It's a bit hard to believe that our peaceable family is descended from anyone who swung an axe.)

I'd be sure to check to see if that section of the museum is still closed if you are interested in prehistoric finds. There was a lot from the middle ages that was quite interesting.

We especially wanted to see the Resistance museum, but it was unfortunately closed on the day we had set aside for visiting it.
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