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Elyse Apr 21st, 2001 03:49 AM

Convertable or Coupe?
I am trying to decide on a type of car for Southern France, and see some that are inexpensive but are kinds that we dont really see here...also there is this Smart car that looks really funny -?? <BR>Would the Fiat convert. be too big (it is so hard to tell in the thumbnail)...Would a convert. be wonderful for the riviera and provence???

wendy Apr 21st, 2001 04:23 AM

You didn't say what month you will be there, but any warm weather would warrant a convertible IMHO! The Smart car is like a tiny LEGO car, the Fiats and Renaults, all basicaly look the same, but all get great gas mileage! <BR>Bon Voyage!

Elyse Apr 21st, 2001 10:50 AM

WEndy, Thanks for the post- we will be there the 2nd and 3rd week of May-I have heard the weather can be lovely at this time...what else can you tell me? <BR>I appreciate the advice... <BR> <BR>Any opinion on the Fiat vs. Renault? <BR>

wendy Apr 21st, 2001 11:48 AM

I usually rent a Renault, there REALLY isn't much difference! But I would get a convertible in May even if it meant five days of rain and one day of sun! (I'm hoping you have MUCH better weather than that, but you know what I mean!) There is nothing better than the smell of lemon, citrus, lavender, freshly cut grass.... <BR>I also rent form autoeurope which has been a gift from above compared to other companies... <BR>

Brian Kilgore Apr 21st, 2001 12:35 PM

Take a warm jacket, and rent a convertible. Take lots of good sunscreen, too. <BR> <BR>BAK

Celeste Apr 21st, 2001 12:51 PM

My 17 year old son is in love with the Smart car, by the way! He wants to know why we can't have them here! (Very vivid pictures of an accident with an SUV quickly come to mind) But for a little trivia, the Smart car truly is quite amazing. The interior was designed by Swatch, the engine is Mercedes, and it tops out at about 95 MPH, which is why you wouldn't want to take it on an autostrade or autobahn! It's length is only a tiny bit longer than its width, so you frequently see people parking perpendicular to the curb rather than parallel. And their body sides change out in case you want a different color each day! Check them out when you're there - pretty cute!

StCirq Apr 21st, 2001 01:34 PM

The Smart car looks like a small car that's been cut in two. It's certainly useful for getting into alleyways and for parking in the odd corner, butI think it would be too small for me to want to use to tour Southern France in. As for the convertible, given that Southern France has had a mildly significant increase in car theft and vandalism in the past few years,I don't think I'd opt for a car that would in any way enhance my chances of getting vandalized....but yes, it would be great fun in theory to tool around the South of France in a convertible.

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