Confused -Scandinavian Currency in use

Jun 30th, 2008, 05:39 AM
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Confused -Scandinavian Currency in use

About to go on a tour (yes I know I can hear the gasps from here) and was very sure that each country used it's own currency -SEK,DKK,NOK.

Now see that little optional tours are being charged in EUROS by the tour company. Rarely take these but go off on my own with a Rick Steve's book in hand (oops I've done it again).

I hope this is just a great plan to make more money and that my first impression was right - I can go to an ATM and get and use local currency.

So long winded question over - who knows...

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Jun 30th, 2008, 06:05 AM
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Each country has its own currency.

It's doubtless easier for a tour company to try to use just one: it might not even make them more money, but just simplify their book-keeping.

But the Scandinavian monarchies all use their (different) crowns as currency, rather than this eurothingy.
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Jun 30th, 2008, 06:23 AM
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Flanneruk -

Thank you for the speedy replay. Know I can take what you say to the bank (no pun intended). Feel much better now.

Not going to focus on the pricing issue with the tour company. This is the 3rd time I have tried to do this particular trip and life has interrupted it. Mildred
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Jun 30th, 2008, 06:32 AM
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yes, you can certainly go to any local ATM and get the local currency...which is usually all you'll be able to get..shouldn't be any problem at all.
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Jun 30th, 2008, 06:47 AM
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Maybe I'm more cynical, but might the tour company insist you pay in your Euros via credit card just so they can suck more money out of you? Kind of like the way pre-booked hotels do.
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Jun 30th, 2008, 07:09 AM
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The optional tours are still being paid to the original tour company, which presumably operates in Euros, not any local suppliers. The tour company pays them directly.
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Jun 30th, 2008, 08:14 AM
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I share your dismay but have had a few days to getoverit.

There are no optionals I cannot do myself with ease.
All the hotels are centrally located and on public trans routes.

The USA based tour company has always billed in USD in the past for optionals.

The tour co. is clearly not paying euros for entrance fees at group rate prices. Have priced all on the official sites, and my price will be 25% of the tour offering. Their drives are all within city limits so gas costs are low. They are even charging for a walking tour. They have reacted to the awful dollar and gas prices/flight cost and hope no one will complain.

The USD v local Scandinavian currency was what seemed good about this trip despite expensive restaurant food and basic shopping. Entry fees, canal rides, and sightseeing seems well in line. Things locals would do for fun are reasonable

I do hope I am not the smartest one in class. If I am the only one on the trip who sees this ... note to self - put new batteries in CD player. Mildred

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Jun 30th, 2008, 09:36 AM
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Mildred - with your sense of humor you'll do just fine and probably have more fun than most everyone else.

And BTW - tours, Rick Steves and nice trips are not mutually exclusive terms.
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