Concert tickets in Paris,etc.

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Concert tickets in Paris,etc.

I've been making notes of all your helpful hints and noticed that tickets for Ste. Chapelle's concerts can be purchased ahead of time. I've tried all of the web sights mentioned and still can't figure out how to do this. My computer was purchased as a Christmas gift so I'm still a novice at some things. Please help. We will be there for 2 1/2 days the end of May and I'd feel better if I had my tickets in hand. No one has mentioned buying perfumes in Paris. Does that mean I would pay as much as in the US ? I also would appreciate some advice on wines. I got a little apprehensive when someone mentioned that a little over $100.00 was a "great price" for a particular bottle. My husband and I both like dry reds but would adapt if there is a "have to have" kind that is regional. Thanks ahead of time!
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Type in the address near the top of your screen:
On the left hand side of the screen click on 'dates' -- that will take you to a screen that describes the concerts and shows the dates. Mai=May, lundi=Monday; mardi=Tuesday; mercredi=Wednesday; jeudi=Thursday; vendredi=Friday; samedi=Saturday; dimanche=Sunday.
Remember hours are European time, i.e., 14:00 means 2:00 pm.
Click the flashing 'reservations' on the left.
For the date, click on the arrow pointing down and select the time you want.
Do the same with place.
Type in the number of tickets you want.
I'm guessing category is the price.
Fill in the information they request.
Click 'envoyer' to send
No money up front. You pick up and pay for your tickets there.
I have reserved on-line, but haven't gone through the actual concert, so I hope I've directed you correctly. If not, please someone help out here.
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Almost forgot -- and this is important -- in Europe they write their dates with the day first. So May 6 would read: 6/5, not 5/6 as in the States.
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Bill Higley
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Diane, having just reserved two concerts for the end of April myself, I was curious. After reserving did you ever get a confirmation email from them? Thanks.

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This might be a silly question, but which is cheaper category 1 or 2 when reserving St. Chapelle concert tickets?
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Bob Brown
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For Tammy. My memory is not what it used to be, but as I recall, last summer I reserved the first category of seats.
They were a little more expensive, but in my view worth it because we were close to the musicians.
The upper chapel of Ste. Chapelle is fairly small, so even if you are standing just inside the doorway I think you can hear fine. But I thought it beneficial to be close. We could watch the musicians communicate and keep on pace with each other during the performance. The two cellists were a great team to watch. Nods, glances, a little hand signal here and there, and they played together wonderfully well.
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I received my confirmation from them within 48 hours. I was impressed!

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