Comments on Skiathos and Skopelos

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Comments on Skiathos and Skopelos

I like Greek islands for the laid back attitude to life, the food - good choice of interesting little tavernas, scenery, interesting places to visit, charming streets to wander around in the evening. Someone has recommended Skiathos, but initial reading suggests it is hectic with a nightlife full of discos and drunken crowds. Is this so? Would Skopelos suit me better? help!
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Hi, Not been to Skiathos to stay, only as a stop off point on the way to Skopelos, but we did spend two hours there on our return. From what we saw and what we heard, yes I think you would be better going to Skopelos. The beaches in Skiathos are apparently better, but we found lovely beaches, although not necessarily sandy ones, in Skopelos. Lovely beach, all pebbles, but the water is so so clear, is Panormos Bay. Skopelos town is lovely, built on a hillside and with lots of shops up and down the alleys, really special. Initially on our first visit we went with a tour company and stayed in a lovely villa. Last time, as we now live in Greece all summer (mainland) we found our own accommodation and stayed at the Prince Stafylos near the town. Beautiful hotel and really friendly staff. It is a lovely island to explore and there are a couple of sandy beaches. Not much in the way of historical sights. The town at night is great though.

Hope this helps. Our last visit was 1999.

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Santa Chiara
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This just makes me want to weep. The one and only time I was on Skiathos was in 1984, and then it had only a couple of hotels, no nightclubs, just long leisurely dinners at tavernas watching the lights playing on the water of the bay. I was there a week and never ran into another American (some Brits and Aussies, as well as French and Germans), but mostly Italians and Greeks.

Oh, yeah, the apartment, with large terrace and sea view, rented for $10 a day.

I had heard about the build up but I have been in denial until now. But nearly 20 years ago, it was heaven.
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Ah, such memories. Definitely Skopelos. Skiathos struck us as being very dusty and busy, tho it did have a lovely beach out of town. Skopelos is absolutely divine -- lots of open-air restaurants, all opening onto the same eating area, right on the edge of the island, base of the mountain. About the biggest entertainment was watching the ferry boats come in, especially if they were unloading supplies. One bus does two daily runs to the beach and back, then parks under a beautiful big tree right in the middle of everything. After several days of doing absolutely nothing, my husband said one afternoon, "Well, you want to walk over and watch the bus leave?" That is about it for entertainment, but it's a wonderful place to just relax, unwind, and let the world go by.
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I have never been to these islands, but since I am Greek, I know some things about those places...

Skiathos yes is more crowded but don't imagine anything like Mykonos or Santorini. It has a vivid nightlife, but it is more sophisticated and cosmopolitan - not so many teenagers like in the Cyclades islands.

Skopelos is much more quiter. It is one of the greenest islands in Greece - pine trees everywhere. It has also a very beautiful town (it has be declared a traditional place, not to be spoiled by modern structures).

You said you like greek islands a lot. What about the mainland? During your visit to Skiathos or Skopelos, I strongly suggest to have a trip at the nearby mainland mountain Pelion. It is covered with lush greenery (you cannot imagine how lush!!), it has beautiful beaches, and amazing traditional villages. There are no modern hotels there. You will stay in traditional old houses, converted into hotels with very high standards of quality! It is a magical place, not very much known by foreighn travellers (especially the Americans) but highly appreciated by Greeks (it is a dream for Greeks to have a house there!).

For more information about Skiathos you can take a look at this site:

For more information about Skopelos and Pelion you can check

I regret I don't have a scanner to send you some photos from Pelion!!
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I was on Skopelos and Skiathos in 1992. During our five nights there we encountered one person speaking English. The islands appeared to attract mostly Greek people on holiday. I was impressed with the feeling of peacefulness and gentility. We stopped into one shop to purchase a lock for my friend's suitcase for our trip home. The shopkeeper did not carry what we needed (all conversed in sign-language) so he left his shop and walked us a block or two to a shop that could help us. He left his shop unsupervised -- can you see a shopkeeper here doing that? We also noticed deliveries left at shop doors during the mid-afternoon while the shops were closed -- something else that impressed me about the integrity of the people. Another memory I have is wandering the main streets in the evening after dinner and stopping in all the shops. It seemed as if every third shop was either a jewelry store, a pastry shop, or a shop selling postcards and teeshirts. This is not bad as we enjoyed all three options very much in addition to the beaches in the day time and all the wonderful photo opportunities both islands offered.
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you will find very helpful the following site:
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We were in Skiathos last year and had a wonderful time. We stayed in Troulos which is half way between Skiathos Town and Koukounares beach. It was early May and the flowers etc were fabulous. The walking was great as most hilltops are accessible without a great effort. Skiathos was fairly quiet due to the early season but the town itself is the only place that will be busy. The rest of Skiathos is heaven and the 66 beaches are to die for.

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