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Lora Jun 19th, 2002 07:13 AM

Comments about the showers & bathrooms at the Hotel Left Bank St. Germain?
Sorry for posting another question about this hotel. But I haven't seen any description about their bathrooms. <BR><BR>Are they very modern and most important, do they provide any shower guard or shower curtain?<BR><BR>Thanks again!

xxx Jun 21st, 2002 12:12 PM


Christina Jun 21st, 2002 12:32 PM

No one answered and I haven't stayed there, but thought I'd tell you what I've seen since no one else has. I've seen a photo on a website of one of their bathrooms and it did not have a curtain or guard (I assume you mean one of those plexiglass side sheets that come out near the wall a foot or so?) because it didn't have a shower. It was a nice, modern bathroom, that's for sure, but it was only a tub with a handheld sprayer, not a shower.<BR><BR>I've seen room rates for that hotel (which looks nice to me, and a good loation) and they've cited shower OR bath. So, I imagine the room I saw was not the shower room and if that's important you will need to request one. That's common in French hotels I've stayed at, to have a variety of rooms, some with showers (which always have had curtains or doors if they are real showers in the hotels I've been in, or even showers on the wall with a tub as is common in the US) and some with only the small "sabot" sitting tubs with handheld sprayer, and you would not get a shower curtain or door with those, I wouldn't think (I've never seen one) -- I may have seen one of those with a small shower guard once, though, I think. I suppose you could certainly ask the hotel if you are requiring a shower rather than tub, what type of closure it has, that's one way of putting it (door or curtain) instead of bluntly asking if it had any at all.<BR><BR>Maybe this will get the attention of someone who's stayed there in a room with shower.<BR>

Maggie Jun 21st, 2002 01:29 PM

Hi, We stayed there September 2000. We loved it there! Our bathrrom was all marble, and a decent size. We had a tub with shower on the wall. Not hand held. I don't believe we had a shower curtain! Might have been a small quard. It was not a problem, or I would have remembered it. I did just look on my video, but didn't have the time to search that long.<BR>We loved the fact that it was "totally" airconditioned. The breakfast was excellent, and I don't usually eat that kind of breakfast. <BR>The one woman on the front desk, was a bit abrupt when we arrived, but mellowed out later. <BR>Hope this is of some help!

Myer Jun 21st, 2002 03:38 PM

We stayed there a couple of years ago. I don't remeber the specifics of the romm but the hotel was quite nice and we didn't have any problems. <BR><BR>If the bathroom had not been reasonably modern I would have remembered.<BR><BR>My daughter stayed there a couple of months ago and she said their first room was very small. They were move the next day to a much larger room. She was quite satisfied.<BR><BR>By the way, when they changed rooms there was no time to pack. The hotel moved them without packing. Everything was placed in the equivalent location in the new room. She was quite impressed. It looked like they had moved themselves.<BR>

mo Jul 17th, 2002 08:23 AM


Kimberley Jul 17th, 2002 09:54 AM

Hi. We stayed there in May and we had a shower with a shower curtain. The bathroom was very nice and large.

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