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Cheryl May 5th, 1997 07:52 PM

Comfortable dress at Loch Ness in June? Jeans or shorts?
We (my husband and I), will be spending the first week of June in Inverness and Loc Ness area. Should we pack jeans or shorts or both? Also, what else should we see?

Jim Blaul May 5th, 1997 09:02 PM

I am guessing the temperature will be in the 60
or 70s F. Weather is hard to predict though.

Lanny May 6th, 1997 05:16 AM

I've been to Scotland a number of times (my grandparents were from Edinburgh so visits "home" were frequent). I was last in Scotland in June 1995 for 10 days and it snowed lightly several of the days I was in the Highlands. Definitely not a shorts location for early June! I also spent a day in the Loch Ness area and two days in and around Inverness. While there was no snow in either location, it was definitely never warm enough to wear shorts and feel comfortable so my suitcase full of light summer clothes, shorts included, never saw the light of day. These clothes were appropriate in southern England where I spent a final week on my trip, but not in Scotland. My advice is to bring a mix of light spring clothes -- a couple of pairs of slacks and tops/sweaters/jackets for dressing in layers that can be peeled off as daytime temperatures warm up -- and bring a few pairs of shorts in case lightning strikes and it gets warm enough to wear them. But I certainly wouldn't fill my suitcase with summer clothes for Scotland in the first week of June! Lanny

Maddie May 6th, 1997 04:54 PM

Definitely pack jeans or pants for early June. The weather is very unpredictable, but usually never warm enough for shorts. Also a light sweater and a windbreaker might be welcome additions.

kgillett May 13th, 1997 07:50 PM

Iverness Scotland - Any suggestions for accomodations? We are going in the end of June.

Eric Topp May 28th, 1997 05:49 AM

Simple answer: Jeans! My wife lived in Scotland and I made the mistake in Aug 86 of just bringing shorts. The highlands are cold!!!! Shorts Hell, bring a jacket!

Jim Blaul Jun 3rd, 1997 06:25 PM

FYI- I just got back and the temperature was great.
I was told this was exceptionally warm however.

Steve G Jun 4th, 1997 04:54 PM

I just got back too, but I never took my shorts out of my pack! I stayed a Ryeford House B&B just behind the high street pedestrian arcade in Inverness. It was quite comfortable. There are dozens of B&Bs in Inverness and several along the Loch side. I probably would have stayed on the Loch side along the south Ness road if I'd known about the availability before hand. Urquart Castle is a very interesting ruin in a beautiful shoreline setting. If you have kids, or if you just like farm animals, check out Drum Farm just east of Urquart Castle. One of my favorite places on the Loch was the trails around Falls of Foyers. Have fun, and take pants (but sneak some shorts in the bag just in case!)

valerie russo Jul 9th, 1997 03:55 PM

Bring lots of layers! It can be sunny and warm one day and bone-chilling cold and rainy the next.

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