Comfort foods

Jan 23rd, 2004, 07:50 AM
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Philly Cheasesteak ...
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:09 AM
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The link you posted as an amusing variation on this subject--love it! Of course, I didn't realize beforehand what type of a variation it would be. Since this thread is making me hungry for all the stuff that tastes geat but isn't good for me, I think I'll just check out that link again to curb my hunger pangs. Talk about DIScomfort food! Thank you for a day-brightener (really!).
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:10 AM
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Moules marinieres and lots of fresh bread to dip in the sauce.
My mother's chilli bread.
Chilli and salt king prawns with noodles.
Cheesy chips (french fries to you Americans).
Gnocchi alla gorgonzola.
Tuna Pasta Bake.
Sausage sandwiches.
Spaghetti alle vongole.
Chocolate bread and butter pudding.
Green and Black's organic chocolate ice cream.
Haagen Dazs Strawberry cheesecake flavour.
My mother's trifle.

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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:13 AM
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Homemade soup, usually made from leftover pot roast, with the addition of tomatoes, corn, butter beans, and okra, served over rice, with cornbread. Fresh apple cake with warm caramel sauce for dessert.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:17 AM
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Yes, michigandra, those pictures will make you want to forswear food forever -but aren't the commentaries hilarious? I particularly like the one they describe as Orson Welle's liver and the one they surmise is made of blended tomatillos and vanilla ice cream. GAK!!
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:17 AM
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KH: Spag bol is Spaghetti Bolognaise and soliders are a piece of toast cut into strips and dunked (dipped) into a boiled egg.

Why they are called soliders, I have no idea....
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:19 AM
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Soups definitely! Borscht, tangy and full of fresh beets. Homemade chicken vegetable with pasta stars. Oyster stew with full-fat milk, thinly sliced white onions, and a chunk of butter melting in the middle. Slurping hot liquids is comforting, IMO.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:20 AM
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Egg and soldiers is a soft-boiled egg, served with toast that is cut in strips about 1 inch wide, so that you can dip the toast into the egg. It's *the* traditional breakfast food for small children in England. I make soldiers for my children all the time, but not soft eggs; they eat soldiers with soup.

I'm surprised that none of the Brits mentioned bacon butties with HP, onion-cheddar toast, or sliced apples with cheddar. All of those were as common as bangers and mash at our house.

Of course, we're transplanted Irish, so my list would also include braised calves liver, fish w/ mash, pork roast cooked in stout, brack, and colcannon.

My American contribution? For me it would be Cajun food, esp. jambalaya and gumbo.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:21 AM
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Boiled egg and soldiers = a soft boiled egg, in an egg cup, with buttered toast on the side cut into fingers, so you can dip the toast in the egg yolk. It's what all our mothers gave us when we were recovering from childhood illnesses.

SpagBol, easy, that's Spaghetti Bolognese!

I was discussing this the other night with another friend on detox, and we've worked out that all our favourite comfort foods, ie all the foods that are BANNED on detox, or all the beige foods (yellowy). Go on, count them:

any kind of potato
I could go on and on.

I also make my own tiramisu from time to time, and tortured myself by working out that I'm not allowed to have ANY of its ingredients: coffee, cocoa, marsala, mascapone, sugar, eggs, spongecake...
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:25 AM
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pastina with butter and freshly ground pepper.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:28 AM
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- Meatloaf with a baked potato, with butter of course.
- Warm brownies with ice cream.
- PB&J on toast
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 08:31 AM
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I love comfort foods.

Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Rich Gravy
Few Roasted Vegetables such as parsnips, more potatoes, beans
Creamed Spinach
Macaroni Cheese

Finished off with a Creamy Rice pudding or bread and butter pudding. The more richer the better.

Mmm this thread is making me hungry
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 09:36 AM
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Here's a few more:

* Grilled Cheese (Gouda) on Wheat Berry Bread
* Potato Leek Soup with Irish Soda Bread
* Red Beans and Rice
* Hungarian Goulash Soup with Black Bread
Screw the Atkins Diet! To paraphrase a Warren Zevon song "I'll Diet When I'm Dead".
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 09:48 AM
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Comfort food to me is what my Mom made for me as a child when I was not feeling well...tomato/chicken noodle soup with crackers, potato, noodles....
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 12:45 PM
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Wow, what a response I stirred up [stirred as in soup and mashed potatoes and such ] I can see that many of us relish those comfort foods and others wish we might! I didn't have my original list in hand and now will add macaroni & cheese, ham & beans, chocolate. Oh yes, Chicago Heather, the tuna cassarole does have crushed potato chips on top.

Some of you certainly added others of mine besides what I mentioned, such as tapioca pudding, cobblers, brownies, cinnamon toast, etc. But I am glad to hear from the Brits as hoped for and others with perhaps different choices...thanks bbib, Kavey, flammeruk. But HeatherH, you can't list Ben & Jerrys...not old enough to qualify and Mom didn't make it! Same maybe with sandi and her enchiladas. But then it is true that some of you I'm thinking grew up as kids (Dovina, Ryn2691, italyfan) somewhere outside the U. S. Here is where I wish everyone on Fodors said where they live!

My criteria is what did Mom or maybe Grandma cook for you before the age of fast foods? Yum, yum to all.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 12:52 PM
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My mother's version of fast food before commercial fast food:

salmon patties with canned salmon, crackers and an egg sauted in butter.

She also made Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from the box and would sometimes add canned tomatos and maybe a can of tuna.

How about the tin can of bacon fat that was kept on the stove for frying? She would scoop out some and fry green beans in it!
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Dec 5th, 2005, 10:32 AM
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Don't you think this holiday time of year is when we should revive a discussion of comfort foods? I was hearing that at Thanksgiving you don't want to have anything but the traditional turkey/dressing/etc. cooked in the traditional Mama made it! So away with those newfangled cranberry recipes!

Today at lunch we had butterscotch there's a comfort food. Recipe isn't even in modern cook books. This along with pot pie.

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Dec 5th, 2005, 10:38 AM
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Hey, Ozarksbill! Thanks for reviving this topic!

My absolutely favorite comfort food is my mom's chicken and dumplings (emphasis on the dumplings, of course). She's from Kentucky and doesn't cook like that much anymore, but, when she does, YUM!

A close second is her fried chicken with biscuits and gravy (again, emphasis on buscuits and gravy). Her gravy is so creamy smooth that it doesn't even seem like is is pure sin going down!

Thanks for making me ravenous!
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Dec 5th, 2005, 11:23 AM
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We call it the "Ohio Casserole", but I'm sure other folks make it as well. Green beans, crisp crumbled bacon and French fried onions in a sauce made from cream of mushroom soup, with more crispy onions on the top. Yummy!

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Dec 5th, 2005, 01:46 PM
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SalmonCroquettes, mac & cheese, red beans & rice, Bubble & Squeak, Bread Pudding, Shepherd's Pie, deviled eggs, homemade vegetable soup, and cabbage rolls. Maybe peanut butter pie for dessert.
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