clubbing in England? extasy?

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The year Leah Betts died of Ecstacy, I believe she was one of three fatalities. In the whole year. That year, eight people died from accidents related to fishing in canals.

God rest her soul.

It is estimated that, every week, up to 500,000 people were taking E in 1997. 3 died. Lots of people see that as an acceptable level of risk. Safer than scuba diving, I reckon. Certainly safer than canal fishing. Ban canal fishing? Make maggots a Class A drug?

If you want to engage with people attracted to a drug culture in order to put a contary view, you're going to have to do a lot better than getting the old bogey man out of the cupboard. People are just too well informed to be scared.

BTW, I don't take drugs.
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Tony Hughes
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So why take the risk then? Do without it and it cuts down your chances of losing your life. I dont fish - so should I take drugs? Of course not.
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Here's some info I came across on the AOC (Aids Outreach Center) site:

- X elevates heart rate and blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or a heart condition, X is dangerous. A small number of people have a severe allergic reaction to X similar to that caused in some people by a bee sting or penicillin.
- X and protease inhibitors may cause potentially deadly interactions.
Anti-depressants known as MAO inhibitors, like Nardil, may combine with X to raise blood pressure to deadly levels. If a serotonin-based anti-depressant, like Prozac, is helping you, it would be prudent to not interfere with a good thing. MDMA may interfere with the way Prozac functions and could lead to complications from having too high a serotonin level. The bottom line is that we don't know what the interactions are.
- X elevates body temperature, making you sweat up to a pint an hour. In the nineties, there have been at least 15 documented deaths due to dehydration caused by dancing, hot conditions and the use of MDMA. Several others have died from guzzling gallons of water at once. If you are going to X, try to drink plenty of water and not all at once. If you're Xing in a hot place, take frequent breaks, rest and drink some water. If your piss seems dark or like there's not much of it, stop and drink some water. Lose the trendy cap - it keeps in heat. Don't keep dancing without taking breaks, and get some salt - or better, a "sports" or "isotonic" drink - to help keep your body's balance.
- Alcohol doesn't get you any higher on X, but it does dehydrate you faster.
- X can make you feel sick to your stomach as it's kicking in, or like you have to go to the bathroom. Also, a dry mouth, tense jaw and grinding teeth are common.

Also some good level-headed info on the EMS site as follows:

It's your choice, but at least make it an educated one.
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I think we almost agree. My PERSONAL judgement is very similar to yours, but I'm going to have the devil's own job convincing anybody based on the statistics.

So stop preaching? Where's the fun in that?

The point is, young people KNOW these odds, and appreciate that they are stacked IN THEIR FAVOUR. They are ALMOST CERTAIN not to die from taking recreational drugs - it's literally a 1-in-a-million chance. And E is a hell of a buzz, so a lot will happily accept those odds. You can call them stupid, but you and they know you do things every day that are riskier than popping an E. So they just won't listen - why should they? Everybody balances risks and rewards.

The argument lies elsewhere.

E is very nearly safe. What if a minor chemical change is made to make it entirely safe, like SOMA in Brave New World? Then the message would be - read the book.
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Strange. Straight people ? In "Heaven" ?

You must be joking.

I'm 18, I go to London every 2-3 months (for about a month), and I'm a member at Heaven (Departure Lounge, sweetie..)

Anyway, it IS a GAY CLUB. It's not a "gay oriented" club like that other guy said, AND no, I dont think its THAT good.

Heaven is boring. really boring, to be honest.

If you want a good crowd, if you're straight, if you want good music, go to Fabric. If you dont care about the crowd or the people, go to Trade - on a sunday morning, say 5 AM onwards. It's also gay. Trade is fab tho.. really really good.

Dont hit Ministry of Sound - full of annoying irritating tourists. AND the same goes to that icky Hippodrome place right beside Leicester Square tube station exit. ULTRA disgusting.

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Look for a gatecrasher party, they're usually at The Republic in Sheffield. Check out to see when they are.
Old Dec 27th, 2000, 08:39 AM
Tony Hughes
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Mike, we agree, I take your points.
Old Jan 9th, 2001, 06:51 AM
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Don't know about the drug scene. Home on Leicester Square (opened last year, 7 stories w/different kinds of music) will be a good place for you to "learn" about the different kinds of dance music.
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drugs aside, the best dance gathering are Gatecrasher parties. unquestionably, undisputed and unmatched.

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