clubbing in England? extasy?

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clubbing in England? extasy?

I am a college student who will be going to school in England for the next 5 months. I like dance music and would like to find out what/where the clubbing scene is like and how dangerous it is. I am a little worried about E and the party drugs. any help?
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I think you need to be alittle more geographically specific to get a real answer.

As to the drugs, if you don't take them, they're nothing to worry about
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Hi thanks for repling. I will be an hour north of London in Lincolnshire. I would go to London, Lincoln, York, and maybe Leeds. I'm mostly worried that it will be about the drugs and not the music. Any more help?
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I think ecstacy is a lot less prevalent in English clubs than it used to be -(due to scares about its safety, etc) It also depends on which clubs you go to - and what music they play (fast techno clubs tend to be more 'druggy') whereas house music attracts a wider range of people. Maybe the thing to do is to look at's club reviews
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Nigel Doran
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Try Leeds and Sheffield and Manchester. Colleges from smaller places like Lincoln often run coaches to these bigger cities.
Expect the booze to flow even if the pills are not being popped. U K college life centres on the bar and on alcohol consumption in general.
Also, I agree with Sheila. If you don't take anything, you will be fine.
BUT take care not to get your drinks spiked with rohypnol. According to the newspapers here, this is a growing threat.
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in the know
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Ecstacy is EVERYWHERE on the british clubbing scene and is usually pretty damned good. There will be dealers in the club, expect to pay about 10. Drink plenty of water (don't overdo it).

In london at least cocaine is also very poular, around 50 a gramme.
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What are the effects of it? I'm from a place it hasn't quite taken off at yet? I've heard people can die from taking it once.
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People can die from taking asprin too if they have an alergic reaction or choke on it.

E makes you warm, happy, excited, talkative, energetic. It's like a super warm and happy caffene buzz. The euphoria builds over about 20 minutes and lasts for about 2 hours if you're lucky. Coming down can suck and you'll feel more down than when you started.

The biggest danger is drinking too much - water is a better idea. Not drinking enough water can also be bad - you can get dehydrated really fast in this state.

Another problem is that since it's illegal and forced onto the black market, you don't really know what you're getting. Best bet is to get it from someone you trust or from a batch that you already know is good.

Be sure you're around a good group of friends. You'll want to talk their ears off. Oh, and chewing gum helps too.
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Mandy goodman
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Obviously some stupid american college student who does E doesnt know the effects.
E DOES in fact make you feel warm and happy at first, but once it wears off you get a great sense of depression. Some people have actually committed suicide comind down from it. What most dont know, is that E also dehydrates you have to drink plenty of water

Long term damage affects the brain. When you take E, you feel the need to "touch" things. You may touch objects or other people. What E does is sends your nerves into overload. You want to touch things because your body is sending you large doses of seratonin (the natural drug in your body that makes you happy). The problem is, all the seratonin is dumped at once, so when the E wears off, you get extrmely depressed and lathargic (inactive). E kills off your nerves and nerve endings and can affect the nervous system in regards to brain activity.

So, you can chose to heed this advice if you like, but if soemthing ever happens to you, I'm sure you'll remember this message.

(Employee of National Institute of Health)
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Would have emailed you with this question...but no email...

Anyhoo. Are you aquainted with a Dr. David Brown who also works/worked at NIH, in what sounds like the same area of expertise?
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Oh Mandy. You sound like one of those naive people who assume all illegal drugs are bad. Long term effects? Name one conclusive study on long term effects. E's only been around for 30 years or so. I wonder how many long-term effects studies were begun that long ago.

I won't argue that doing this stuff all the time isn't good for you, but an occasional dabble won't hurt you.

Your false information is what keeps the general public believing that these substances are evil and dangerous and somehow very different from caffene, alcohol and nicotine. They're all drugs that affect the way a person feels - it's just a matter of intensity.
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Never taken the stuff myself but have seen plenty of people on it at clubs and even if i had any intention of taking wouldn't after seeing people on it. This "warm and happy feeling" makes people paw and grope each other in public and hook up with strangers because they are feeling so "good"

I also read a newspaper report about a month ago saying something like its really dangerous for woman especially to drink too much water while on E. I don't remember the medical reason but that it affects woman more than men.
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Who needs drugs to get that "warm" feeling - get real you guys! if you have to take something that may or may not have long term effects on you just to get happy you're doing it all wrong. E - or whatever name you want to give it - is a drug, illegal for a reason - people HAVE DIED taking it only once or suicidally afterwards. Don't bother - just have fun with all your own brain cells!
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What? People have died from alcohol, many more in fact than from any illegal drug. Why isn't it illegal?

To the previous poster, do you drink coffee in the morning? Would you're mood change if you didn't? If so, then you take drugs to be happy.
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Just say no
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Happy, you put that so well. Personally, I think every day is fabulous, and I thank my lucky stars to be having such a great time on this planet. Why in the world would I need a drug to have fun?

I kind of feel for people that have to have a chemical buzz to feel good. Pretty sad.
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I don't know about the drugs, but the best scene I ever experienced in a club anywhere in the world was at "Heaven" or maybe it was "Half-way to Heaven" near the Strand. It's a Gay oriented club, but lots of straight people go there. If I remember correctly, it had at least four dance floors with different music. Oh, by the way, it's in London.

Remember, I'm from the East coast so I've done the NYC scene. I've been to the Left coast and done the LA, SF and Hawaii clubs too.
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Ok, I think I have an understanding of drug effects, this said, (not impling I will take any), where are the best clubs. I have heard of Heaven in London. Any more ideas? Also I've been reading up on dance muzic and waant to know exactly what is the difference between house and the other types not including Trance.(which I know and love)
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Mandy Goodman
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If you take the drug or not is not of my concern. I just wanted to inform the public of its consequences. Here at NIH, we get several notices on current drugs. The tests are legitimate for we are a government agency. We spend millions of dollars a year tests many different drugs.
The fact that it is illegal shows you that it can harm you!! NO, one dose may not kill you immediately, but test prove that it has long term affects on the nervous system.

Of course, drug users tend to defend reasons why they take certain drugs. That will always be the case.
In response to sharon m., I dont have any relatives here at NIH unfortunately, but I do work for the department of drug administration here at NIH.
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Regarding what Lidija said about the danger of drinking too much water. She is right; a girl died while on Ecstacy, not from the drug, but from drinking so much water that she got a brain hemmorage and then died. Forgive my vagueness, but I don't have the newspaper article with me (Los Angeles Times) and I don't recall the details.
I guess the point here is: ANYTHING in excess will kill ya.
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Tony Hughes
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no I think the point is *most* things in excess can seriously harm you, ONE ecstacy tablet may kill you. One beer will not, one cigarette will not.

In my undergraduate days I had a contemporary called Derek who snorted allsorts by the shoveful. Ran into his mother a few weeks back. Seems Derek popped one pill too many and now spends his days staring at the television in his parents house. I'm not giving you any advice, all I'm saying is that you could be the 'derek' and 999 others could be fine.

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