Clothing for Ireland in Nov.

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Clothing for Ireland in Nov.

My sister and I will be going to Ireland at the begining of Nov. and I have no clue what to bring with me to wear. I live in Arizona and don't really know how to deal with wet, cold weather. I'm really looking forward to this trip but I'm afraid that I'm going to be freezing my rear off. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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You will never "freeze your rear off" in Ireland--just maybe just feel a bit damp and cold. Buy an Irish sweater first thing, bring a slicker, hang out in pubs with fireplaces and you'll be fine. The gulf stream makes for palm trees in Dublin, believe it or not! (No, it's not the Caribbean, but it never really gets freezing.) Enjoy the "mist'!
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I spent Thanksgiving in Galway 3 years ago and the week in Dublin. It was cool and it rained at least a little each day, with heavy rain on several days. My wife and I had light parkas with hoods and good waterproof boots. With that we were quite comfortable.
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1. Dress in layers that you can easily take off and on as conditions warrant. 2. Silk and wool retain heat even when they are wet; cotton does not. 3. It is a trite old saying, but it's true: if you keep your head and feet warm, your whole body will be warm. Waterproof footwear helps a lot, as does a waterproof jacket with a hood if you're going to be walking around outside and, like me, can't bear hats (plus bring an umbrella, obviously -- preferably a lightweight foldable one that fits easily into a large pocket or small bag). 4. Lots of stops for a hot cup of tea.
I like to wear a short-sleeved or tank-style silk shell, with a wool or cashmere sweater or blazer over it (sometimes both a lightweight sweater AND a blazer over it). And if it's in the 40s or below, a scarf to layer around my neck underneath my outer jacket. Leather gloves that are lined with something warm and cozy.
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Cold and damp will just do you in if you're not prepared. My advice would be to dress for a normal day in Arizona, perhaps slacks and a tee-shirt, then add a second layer, another vee-neck button down tee, then a sweater, then a raincoat. Depending upon what you're really used to, a down parka might be nice.
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When we were in Ireland, we had the same questions, although the month was Aug. not Nov. Best suggestion is Goretex jackets w/hood and goretex hiking shoes. Thurlo socks were a lifesaver. LL Bean sells a nice goretex jacket and since it folds up into its own 'pouch', very easy to pack. Joe and Lisa gave you excellent advice. Keep your feet dry and warm. For 8 days I packed 5 white turtlenecks as they are very 'layerable'. It is a 'casual' country, unless you plan a castle stay.
I packed one pair of loafers...these were my dress pumps!
Enjoy was one of our favorite vacations.
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The main thing to keep in mind is that it can rain at any moment! Keep a light waterproof jacket on hand at all times. Apart from that, plenty of layers that you can pull on and off is a good idea.

Have a great time.
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Mary Beth
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Michelle -- Buy a wool sweater while you're there, and enjoy it with appropriate layers! I got a Pringle argyle sweater when we visited -- which I never could have found in the states. It's very warm, light -- and I even wear it in Arizona in the winters! Have fun --

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