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PatriciaOne Mar 1st, 2012 05:45 AM

Clothes for Rome first week in April
Projected weather for Rome is 44 to 66 degrees. I'm packing Gortex jacket, dress jacket, four pairs of black slacks and one pair of kaki capri's,five long sleeve tops and two short sleeved, two pair of walking shoes, two pullover sweaters and one cardigan. Want to keep all in a 9x14x22 inch suitcase. Going for 15 days with washer available. What's the chances of weather hitting the mid 70s or low 80s? I've studied the charts and don't see it. Friend thinks it will be warmer. Any opinions?

Sassafrass Mar 1st, 2012 06:56 AM

I've been to Rome twice in April and both times it was chilly (certainly not near 70 or 80) and rainy with only a bit of sunshine, so I think your chances of damp and chill are accurate. Unless you are going someplace else that will be warm, skip the capris and short sleeved tops. You can easily get by without them and don't need to replace them with anything else. Does what you are taking include what you are wearing on the plane? If so, you are taking plenty of stuff. If it is in addition to what you are wearing, you could cut the pants to three, the sweaters to two and the shoes to one pair and be fine.

nytraveler Mar 1st, 2012 08:54 AM

Some people are confused by the fact that Italy and Florida re a re similar shape and somehow believe that Rome has a semi-stropical climate. It doesn't. It has a temperte climate and beginning of April in early spring - not early summer. At the moment I beleive they have snow.

Let your friend take shorts and bikinis and freeze. Agree you don;t need capris or short sleeve anything. You need some light weight and some medium and tops yuo can layer. Also a sturdy folding umbrella, 2 pairs of waterproof walking shoes and some sort of rain jacket - prefeably with a hood.

PatriciaOne Mar 1st, 2012 02:53 PM

Bought waterproof loafer style shoes from Naturalizer, "Justify", attractive walking shoe. Also purchased Baggallini cross-body bag at TJMaxx. Sturdy folding umbrella fits nicely. Gortex jacket has hood. Yes, it does include what I'm wearing on the plane. Will pack larger purse/carry-on with change in case luggage gets lost which it shouldn't because that too is being carried on. Thanks for the backup!

jscarbary Mar 1st, 2012 03:17 PM

We were in Rome last year April 1-10 and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was cool in the morning, we needed sweaters. By lunchtime it was mid 70s and then cooler again in the evenings, we needed the sweaters again. We brought sweaters, sweatshirts and long pants, I only brought one pair of capris. However, I don't think that they had the cold winter last year that they did this year. Last year it rained nearly every day for the full month before we left, so they were due for some beautiful weather.

I would still bring what you listed and if it is warmer you can buy some new Italian clothes! Everyone likes to have a special reminder of a trip!

janisj Mar 1st, 2012 03:28 PM

I personally think 5 pair of slacks (no matter the weather) is too much. Especially when 4 of them are the same color and you have laundry facilities. I'd ditch a pair or two of the black pants and use the space for more sweaters/a light jacket.

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