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Jill Mar 11th, 1999 07:49 AM

Clean, reasonably priced hotels in London
Wish to see the British Museum and some other sites - do you have any recommendations for clean and reasonably priced hotels in London? Appreciate costs and phone numbers. Thanks...

elaine Mar 11th, 1999 08:13 AM

Could you be more specific on "reasonably priced"? What did you have in mind for your hotel budget? <BR>

elaine Mar 11th, 1999 08:14 AM

Could you be more specific on "reasonably priced"? What did you have in mind for your hotel budget? <BR>

Richard Mar 11th, 1999 08:39 AM

london has many reasonably priced hotels but it also has a lot of shabby dumps. i ahve stayed at the 'kensington close' hotels and enjoyed it and the kensinsington neighborhood. call 'forte hotels' 800 number for info and rates. they also operate a bunch of other hotels around the city sucha s the cumberland on oxford st, strand palace on the strand and a few others. i also stayed at a hotel operated by raddison near oxford street but i cannot remember its name. raddison operate non typical hotels in london. the raddison hotels are all old eduardian hotels and very cute and most are in great locations. i personally would avoid hotels around the queens road area, they are cheap but over run with tacky tourists. <BR> <BR>oh and while u are in london you must go to an indian restaurant! nobody does indian food better than the english! <BR> <BR>if u have any questions u may email me....

Jill Mar 11th, 1999 09:21 AM

I would like to spend no more then $100 (Canadian). Thanks...

Margaret Mar 11th, 1999 01:02 PM

Jill- <BR> <BR>You might also try Thistle Hotels. They are running a promotion called "Pounds for Dollars." If a room is listed for 100 GBP you pay 100 USD. Which means you save around 40%. Their hotels run the gamet from tourist to posh. Their website is located at You'll find their 800 number listed. I think Forte has also run the same promotion, but I'm not sure if it's still going. I believe the Thistle deal expires in September. <BR> <BR>Have a great trip! <BR>

s.fowler Mar 11th, 1999 01:43 PM

If you want the British Museum area I can recommend St. Margarets Hotel. It is shabby, a certainly not elegant, and has those "plastic contraptions in the corner" for a bathroom, but it is SPOTLESS! It is incredibly clean and the front desk is very helpful. The hotel is on Bedford Place, run by an Italian family for Lord Bedford, who owns it. Our room "ensuite" was 75 pounds. Rooms without facilities are quite a bit less. And the facilities "down the hall" looked very modern and clean. Just be prepared for "threadbare" in places. The breakfast did include eggs and bacon. Uninspiring, but better than a cold hard roll or two. <BR>

Margaret Mar 12th, 1999 08:16 PM

The Morgan Hotel, L75 for two, 24 Bloomsbury St. WClB 3QJ--Tel 0171 636 3735. Includes nice big breakfast. Very clean, nice staff. 5 minutes from British Museum, 7 minutes from tube, 30 secs from bus stop. Walking distance from many theaters. No elevator. No lobby. TV.

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