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Deb Apr 26th, 1999 11:58 AM

Choose: In Ireland-Ring of Kerry or Dingle Peninsula?
If you could only go to one of the above, which would you choose and why? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.

Elsa Apr 26th, 1999 01:39 PM

Both areas are lovely, but I guess I would go with the Dingle Pen. Dingletown is kind of a neat place and less touristy than Kenmare and Killarney, although they are nice. Doing the Dingle Pen. takes less time, and I think the views are a little better, but the R of K is lovely so I don't want you to think I didn't like it. Have fun.

Aurora Apr 26th, 1999 02:53 PM

I agree with the last posting. My family went to the Dingle Peninsula for a week last August, and though it was crowded, the crowds were tiny compared to the Ring of Kerry. One advantage is that buses can't make it up to the Connor pass, so parts of the peninsula are safe from the hoards of buses. My reasons for preferring it, though, go beyond the fact of less congestion. The Dingle peninsula has some of the most impressive archaeological sites in Ireland -- the Gallarus Oratory, the beehive huts, Riasc monastery are all well worth a visit. Another reason: From Dunquin, a town at the end of the peninsula, you can catch a small ferry to the Blasket Islands, which, if the weather holds out, will be the highlight of any trip. It is truly one of the most beautiful places by/on the sea I have ever seen. Plus, there are great views of the mainland. In Dunquin, if you go, don't miss the restaurant An Portan (name might be off a bit). There is also great hiking on both the north and south sides of the Dingle Peninsula, well away from the crowds.

Bev Apr 26th, 1999 06:17 PM

I agree with the previous two responses to your question. I have had the opportunity of visiting the western part of Ireland on 2 different occasions and have decided on both occasions that I preferred the Dingle peninsula. I found it less touristy and the views more spectacular. There is a wonderful new museum/gallery right on the coast (I've forgotten the name at the moment)and it is definitely worth a visit. I was lucky on both of my Irish visits in that I did not have to choose between the Dingle and the Ring of Kerry!

Elsa Apr 27th, 1999 04:36 AM

Hi Deb, <BR>I just came across a web site that you might find interesting re your post. 1) <BR>Go <BR>2)Click on "travel" which is located in the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages are under the NEWS on the left of the page. <BR>3)Click on "Europe 99" <BR>4)Then on "previous Europe features" <BR>5)Finally scroll down to "Exploring Ireland's Routes" <BR>Hope you can follow all this. I think it will make sense when you get to the <BR>Elsa

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