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Feb 29th, 2004, 04:43 PM
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choice help

I am under 30yrs, older than 25 recently divorced with two sons. I have always desired to go to Spain. My X-wife was able to go to Madrid for ten days with her girlfriend(I was pleased, was a destination for our 10yr anniversary[3-2-04]wouldve been 8) ANYWAY, I planned on going this September. After hearing about Rome &Florence I would like to add them to the trip.(Some ladies at work said I "looked" Italian and HAD to go) This is to be VERY economical. I will pack a backpack with some khakis(2) tee-shirt(2) and 2buttondowns as well as what I wear on the flight. A journal and a 35mm camera with more black&white film than Charlie Chaplin saw.&color of course. Expected time will be 14days:3 in Rome 3in Florence and 8in Barcelona however I wondered if I should split time and see Madrid. I speak decent Spanish but I know that doesnt matter everyone speaks English it seems. I really will have no itenarary other than fly into rome hit the major archetictural spots in ALL cities and pieces of art, try to hang-out and meet as many "cool" locals as possible, and though more "soul searching" than party trip yes I WILL want to check-out some clubs. Figure I'll eat 2 meals a day and stay in hostels or with people I may meet. Any info or GOOD advice if there is such a thing is soooo welcomed. Also should I take the train from Florence to Barcelona, is this possible? and what about Milan? Worth seeing? I will train(I thought) From Rome to Florence.
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Mar 1st, 2004, 09:45 AM
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Think about your header for a minute. Most of the posts on this board are requesting opinions to help make a choice. What if all posts had the header "choice help". Not much would get done, would it?

Why don't you repost with Italy and Spain in your header.

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