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Kirsten Oct 1st, 2001 08:21 PM

Cheap hotel in Paris
Hello, I am looking for a recommendation of a cheap but okay hotel near Rue Cler ie. around 360FF per room for a double or less ... and also people's thoughts on that area, is it too touristy, would it be better to stay in the Marais? Many thanks in advance!

Terry Oct 1st, 2001 08:49 PM

Kirsten: <BR>I have stayed at 3 hotels in the Rue Cler area, but the only one I would recommend is the Hotel Champs de Mars, which may be 400-450 FF. The owners speak English and rooms were nice. It is rated a 2-star hotel, which is usually good. You might get a decent 1-star hotel, but they are usually risky. Have also stayed at the Hotel Dominique and Hotel de la Paix; no major problems, but were not as nice for the money. <BR>The Rue Cler is good because it is a pedestrian only area and you can walk to the Seine, Eiffel Tower, Invalides and Rodin Museum easily. It also has many good restaurants. <BR>Have never stayed in the Marais area. <BR>Have a nice trip!

Another Kirsten Oct 1st, 2001 09:12 PM

I'm puzzled. Why go to Paris and stay in a cheap hotel? I would wait to go when you can stay in a nice hotel. That is part of the experience. Save your money; be patient and go when you can stay in a nice hotel.

Surlok Oct 1st, 2001 09:33 PM

Another Kirsten, <BR> <BR>There are nice hotels in Paris for 360 FF per night. There are different hotels, in different districts for different people with different budgets and mindsets. <BR> <BR>Isn't diversity great? <BR> <BR>Real Kirsten, <BR> <BR>Hotel Muguet might fit your bill. <BR> <BR>Regards, <BR> <BR>Surlok <BR> <BR>

Sue Oct 1st, 2001 11:24 PM

Friends stayed at La Motte Picquet (corner of rue Cler and La Motte Picquet, very close to the Ecole Militaire metro stop) and quite liked it. According to, double w/shower and wc is 385, breakfast 36 each.

robdaddy Oct 2nd, 2001 04:21 AM

Hi Kirsten. In addition to the Hotel Champ de Mars, there is also a two star called simply the Mars Hotel, on Ave. de la Bourdonnais, less than 2 blocks from Ecole Militaire metro stop. My wife and I spent 4 nights there last May, and a double was 450FF per night...about $65, so I'm sure you can get a decent single in your price range. Well located,...good value for money, clean, English-speaking, we loved staying in the 7th. Sorry, but I've misplaced their fax and phone number. Wherever you stay, have a great time, stay safe, and know that we are jealous!! Wish I was there right now! (P.S. I know you said your budget is about 350FF/nt., bu;t with travel off, you can probably negotiate some...and if not, 100FF is only about $14....

s.fowler Oct 2nd, 2001 04:26 AM

You can come close to your budget AND have some charm -- Hotel La Motte Piquet is on the corner of rue Cler and ave. La Motte Piquet -- we stay there regularly. Doubles start at 420 FF <BR> <BR>

linda Oct 2nd, 2001 05:23 AM

Kirsten, Hotel Grand Leveque is a Rick Steves recommendation and is therfore often filled with Americans, but it is a pleasant clean hotel smack in the middle of the Rue Cler market. My family stayed there on one visit to Paris and we loved it. My father still talks about it as one of our best choices. He loved looking down from the balcony during the day and watching all of the street life-then at night he loved to listen to lonely footsteps as they struck the cobbled street. For his 70th birthday this year I saved and put my dad up at the Paris Ritz-it was a very big thank you to a very kind father. Believe it or not, he initially requested the Leveque instead! He loved the Ritz, but I finally realized how much he had truly enjoyed Rue Cler. If you decide to try this hotel, be sure to get a room on the street. The back rooms are dark and overlook an air shaft. <BR> <BR>linda

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