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Kevin Jun 28th, 2001 04:08 PM

Cheap Eats in London (Victoria)
Does anyone know of any good, affordable restaurants in the Victoria area? How much can I expect to spend for dinner?<BR><BR>Thanks for any input!

David White Jun 29th, 2001 06:04 AM

Kevin,<BR><BR>There's a Pizza Express a few blocks down Victoria Street in the direction of Westminster Abbey. This is a very popular, good quality chain. For a quick bite to eat or takeout, the Pret a Mangier sandwich shop chain is good (they are also smoke-free).<BR><BR>For more ideas, you may want to look at the book "Cheap Eats in London". Food in London can be expensive, so that title is almost oxymoronic...sometimes the best dining deals are at ethnic restaurants.<BR><BR>I heard this rule thumb, and it seems to be borne out by experience: If you are traveling from the US, expect to pay in what you would pay in $ back home for a similar meal. That is, expect to pay almost one and one-half times as much. <BR><BR>David White<BR><BR>[email protected]<BR>< BR>

Tammy Jun 29th, 2001 06:30 AM

Here's a place I ate at in April 1999. It was recommended in the Cheap East book. <BR><BR>Jenny Lo's Tea House, 14 Eccleston Street, tube: Victoria Station. Chinese restuarant with a bit of a flare I thought. It is small and you share tables with other diners, and the food is great and the price was reasonable for London. <BR>

Linda Jun 29th, 2001 11:19 AM

The Shakespeare Pub is right across the street from Victoria Station. Please do not consider eating there. The worst food I've ever had in England. And terrible service. I ordered mussels and half of them were still closed (hence, probably inedible--and I wasn't willing to take the chance). It took 45 minutes to catch my waiter's eye, another 10 for him to respond. When he did, he bought the bill. I complained about the mussels--all he did was buy my coke. The place is crowded and has a bit of ambience, but I'd still skip it.

Geoff Jun 29th, 2001 01:49 PM

There's something like Pasta House or some facsimile thereof right off to the side of the train station that's not expensive at all and has generous portions. You have to look for it a bit, but there is also a Movenpick Marche down stairs across the street.<BR><BR>

Mel Jun 29th, 2001 06:53 PM

Another Jenny Lo recommendation. If you order any noodle dishes, be prepared for a HUGE steaming bowl full of good stuff! (If you want to splurge, her father has a VERY famous restaurant around the corner--can't remember the name) Also, there's a great noisy Irish pub on the second floor of the "mall" in Victoria Station called Molly Malone's. Irish music (at least on the weekends) and a friendly, if young, crowd. There's also a chinese place in there that serves cafeteria style, but the food is good and cheap--looks like working locals eat there. Other than that, I think the pickings are kind of slim. Hop the tube at Victoria to Notting Hill or Covent Garden...

Ben Haines Jun 30th, 2001 03:01 AM

Fodors<BR><BR>Dear Mr McKay,<BR><BR>These notes are from a message I keep on disc about fairly cheap eating in London.<BR><BR>The Nags Head, 53 Kinnerton Street, and the Wilton Arms, 71 Kinnerton Street. Both of these Belgravia pubs have evening meals. Knightsbridge tube station. Children are welcome in summer only outdoors at a street table. <BR><BR>The Two Chairmen. Corner of Queen Anne's Gate and Dartmouth Street, 100 yards from St James' Park tube station. Useful for visits to Parliament, Westminster, the Cabinet War Rooms, and St James' Park. Some Members of Parliament use it. Children are are welcome upstairs for lunch but not down for supper<BR><BR>The Albert. Corner of Buckingham Gate and Victoria Street. Nearest tube St James Park. Downstairs good hot food, with spices well used, served also in the evening. Upstairs for lunches only a carvery, three courses at 15 pounds. The house beer is Courage, but other and better draught is also served. Children are welcome at lunch but not supper.<BR><BR>Two bus stops south of Victoria, at Victoria Coach Station, just west of the entrance, is a good house for fish and chips.<BR><BR>Please write if I can help further. Welcome to London.<BR><BR>Ben Haines<BR>

Christy Jul 2nd, 2001 09:35 PM

I enjoyed the tips on ethinic spots-any specific recommendations for cheap eats in Bloomsbury(for vegetarians)? <BR> <BR>christy

Ben Haines Jul 3rd, 2001 02:00 AM

Fodors. For Christy <BR> <BR>Half a mile north of Bloomsbury, just west of Euston station, is Drummond Street, strong in South Indian vegetarian curry houses. And half a mile east of Russell Square is Lamb's Conduit Street, where careful inspection will find you quite a range of vegetarian dishes, though I think no fully vegetarian restaurant. <BR> <BR>Please write if I can help further. <BR> <BR>Ben Haines, London <BR>

Linda Jul 6th, 2001 04:26 PM

Hi...there is a decent pasta chain called Bella Pasta near Victoria station. This might be what Goeff was referring to. They are all around the city and there were even coupons in one of the free guides you find at the hotels and what not. I liked Bella pasta for a good simple and affordable meal...and my teenage niece appreciated food she recognized (oh well).

elvira Jul 6th, 2001 05:03 PM

Thai food about 10mins from Victoria: <BR>Blue Jade, 44 Hugh Street. Dishes are around 6. I pigged out and spent about 15 on food (the 2 Singha beers were an additional 5.50). Seemed to be popular with guys in suits.

Karen Jul 6th, 2001 05:28 PM

Chimes on Churton Street is a very nice cozy little place serving delicious English food and ciders. Dinner for two with drinks was around $40-50. I second any recommendations for Pret a Manger - even their pre-made sandwiches are good. <BR> <BR>We ate a Pizza Express by Victoria Station. It was ok - there are better choices. <BR> <BR>We used the book "Chap Eats in London" by Sandra Guftason. I would recommend it! <BR> <BR>Enjoy your trip to London!

kate Nov 27th, 2001 05:23 PM

Maira, just noticed your post. This old thread should help.

Mike Miller Nov 28th, 2001 02:49 AM

I fully agree with Linda's post about avoiding the Shakespeare. It is definitely a tourist ripoff. We had 2 orders of fish and chips there and the price was almost $30.00! The next night, we walked to the Royal Albert and had a wonderful meal for much less.

david west Nov 28th, 2001 03:14 AM

No specific recommendations here but a warning. Under no circumstances eat in the Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse. This is easily the worst food in England (a considerable achievement). No matter how hungry you get don't go there. Eat other members of your tour party first, or try to catch a pigeon.

Ben Haines Nov 29th, 2001 10:32 AM

For Mr miller. I warmly agree: the Shakespeare is second rate.<BR><BR>To help others find a good meal, may I say that the good pub on Victoria Street west of Victoria Station is The Albert, not The Royal Albert. I do agree that Her Majesty might suitable eat there a bit, and give them a Royal warrant.<BR><BR>Ben Haines

sonia Nov 29th, 2001 12:36 PM

Check this board for good fish-and-chip eateries - most are very affordable. When we want an affordable, non-touristy Indian we hop the tube to Holland Park. Turn right out of the station and walk to the intersection opposite the Kensington Hilton (about 5 minutes). There you'll find the Royal Tandoori -- good service, very reasonable, nice food. They've been there for a while, and most patrons are locals. It's in a residential area a bit off the tourist track, but worth the walk.

sonia Nov 29th, 2001 12:39 PM

Oops, should say:<BR>When we want an affordable non-touristy Indian meal...<BR><BR>My bad!

Maira Dec 11th, 2001 08:54 AM

Any takers? Going to London in Feb.

MaryC Dec 11th, 2001 07:09 PM

Ben Haines<BR><BR>Did you ever find out the name of that fish 'n' chips shop? I loved that place. Went there my first moment in London at your recommendation. Thank you, AGAIN!!<BR><BR>Warmest regards,<BR>Mary :)

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