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Carol Jul 3rd, 1998 04:20 AM

Cheap Eats Book for Paris.
I was finally able to purchase the book Cheap Eats in Paris. Now that I have it would someone please tell me some good places to eat so that I can mark them in my book.

s.fowler Jul 3rd, 1998 07:15 AM

I ahven't seen a recent edition but... If Jardin des Pates is still it there GO! It is near the back of the Jardin des Plantes... [in the 5e near Rue Monge] hence the name. Great homemade pasta... the owner is very friendly with Americans, especially if you try some French. I would recommend reservations on Thurs through the weekend... The second "cheap eat" which should still be in the book is Perraudin, a student bistro in the Sorbonne neighborhood of the 5e. Get there when it opens. Be prepared to wait in line. The food is basic bistro [beef 'stew' and the goat cheese salad went nicely with a bottle of red Chinon wine] Perraudin is an institution by now... Enjoy!

Donna Jul 3rd, 1998 11:39 AM

My recommendation would be to get yourself a map of Paris and plot your itinerary. Then, look up places nearby where you plan to be at mealtimes in Cheap Eats, as well as those near where you are staying. The descriptions are so thorough you should have no trouble determining which places are most appealing to you. I found this book to be outstanding - the best of all I read prior to going.

Yvonne Jul 8th, 1998 11:38 AM

Try Le Mouffetard (sp?). The menu selection is varied, the prices reasonable and the service very friendly. Also, Oh Poivore (sp?), which has more than one location. We ate there because we were starving after a full day at Versailles but it was only 7 PM. This is a chain, the food was good, and surprise for my son, they served the coke with ice in the glass. If you need a steak you may also wish to try Hippopotamus. Again, we went there because I was starving. This was our second day, and we'd slept late (11 AM). And as I got up it became excruciatingly clear that I was famished (light headed, fidgety). I was in no state to ponder my lunch options. I recalled that we past one on our way from the metro, so that's where we'd eat. The food saved my life. We struck up a conversation with some visitors from Martinique. Now there were a couple of places that we tried to find that were no longer at the listed location, so keep that in mind.

Caryl Jul 9th, 1998 08:17 PM

I was just in Paris with my grandmother and used this book to find places nearby to eat. We were never disappointed. We stayed in the 7th arrondissement (district) and looked up nearby restaurants since it was more difficult for her to walk. One I remember: Le Bistro du 7eme. No airconditioning, but lovely on a cool night. Great food! Also -- le Bistro du Breteuil. (I think that's how you spell it; again, 7th arr.) I suggest just picking some and going, like we did. We were there 10 days, and we loved every restaurant we picked from this book!

elaine Jul 19th, 1998 03:14 PM

One restaurant that is always in the Paris Cheap Eats book is Lescure. It is on rue Mondavi, a short <BR>street just off Place de la Concorde. I don't <BR>think they take reservations. It is a little <BR>hole-in-the-wall, and certainly not the "haute"-est food in Paris, but it feels very Parisian, Parisiens <BR>eat there, and the menu is small but you're bound <BR>to find something you'll like. The neat thing is that you'll feel like you've found a great little <BR>secret, and in one of the finest neighborhoods!

Joyce Jul 19th, 1998 07:44 PM

I heartily endorse Elaine's recommendation of Lescure. We had a marvelous lunch there. When the waiter (I think he was either the owner or manager) brought the bill, my husband pointed out that we had ordered wine but they had forgotten to bring it. The man laughed, apologized, quickly grabbed a nearby bottle of wine and poured us each a glass, no charge. Just another example of why Paris is my favorite city in the world. People who accuse Parisiens of being rude really get my hackles up. We've found them to be the friendliest, most helpful people possible, totally lacking in rudeness - except for the occasional grumpy waiter, but you can find them the world over, even here at home.

jennifer Jul 24th, 1998 12:26 PM

Carol - where did you purchase this book!? I'm leaving for Paris in three weeks with a man who eats EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Can you give me the ISBN number or the store you bought it from, the author, etc?? Thanks. Jennifer. [email protected]

carol Jul 24th, 1998 12:39 PM

This message is actually for Jennifer--Barnes & Noble carries Cheap Eats, also at Barnes & Noble you should get Zagat's Guide to Paris Restaurants--their NY guide is great so this one should be also.

Donna Jul 24th, 1998 02:36 PM

When purchasing Cheap Eats - either online or at a bookstore, be sure you are ordering the 1998 edition. I've noticed the old one still listed online and available on the shelves.

Mike Miller Jul 24th, 1998 05:00 PM

I know this is slightly off topic but the author is Sandra Gustafson. I bought her book "Cheap Eats in London" for my London trip last year. I ate in 4 restaurants recommended in her book and every one of them was as good as advertised.

jennifer Jul 28th, 1998 01:55 PM

Carol - thanks for the help - and you, too, Mike Miller! I'll get to B&N this week. <BR>Jennifer

topper Jul 21st, 1999 04:15 PM


Bev Jul 21st, 1999 08:12 PM

Keep the suggestions coming.

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