Ceremony of the Keys Tower of London

Jun 3rd, 1998, 11:30 AM
M. Smith
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Ceremony of the Keys Tower of London

I read about the ceremony of the keys which is performed each evening after closing at the tower of London. However I can't find out how or where to get tickets. I tried the BTA site with no luck can anyone help?
Jun 3rd, 1998, 01:46 PM
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Write to: Ceremony of the Keys, 2nd Floor, Waterloo Block, HM Tower of London EC3N4AB. Applications must be accompanied by an international reply coupon and envelope. Need to give them a couple of choices on dates. You should call the British Tourist Authority in NY City and they will send you alot of information: 1-800-GO 2 BRITAIN
Jun 30th, 1998, 08:34 PM
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We were in London in '91 and attended the Ceremony of the Keys, which is the actual locking up of the tower at the end of the day. It was absolutely one of the best experiences we had in London - not only the Ceremony itself, but the opportunity to be inside the tower grounds at night - somewhat spooky, but great fun!

We obtained our tickets by writing to the Yeoman Clerk, Tower of London, London EC3N 4AB. (Hope this is still a good address). You need to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (British stamps, or two International Reply Coupons, available from any US post office). Tell them the days you have available to attend, and give them as many optional dates as possible, especially during peak season. Allow about 4-6 weeks for a response. Also, don't bother to show up for the Ceremony without a ticket - you have absolutely zero chance of getting in.

Don't give up on this. It's really worth the effort to get the tickets, and I'm sure it will be one of your best London memories! Have fun!!
Jul 18th, 1998, 05:32 PM
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The address mentioned previously is correct. I have gotten various info on what to send, but Paul's description is correct, you need to send TWO international reply coupons with an envelope large enough to contain a postcard (they sent us in a 4 3/8 by 8 5/8 envelope since my info did not mention about the envelope.) They sent me a letter complaining how much it was costing them, but I got the invitation anyway.

The logistics not mentioned in case you do not already know: It is NOT important where in line you enter the outer gates. However where you stand in front of the Bloody Gate where the Yeoman tells you to stand is VERY IMPORTANT. Obviously, faster you can walk, you can claim a better viewing position. There are TWO places you want to stand when the Yeoman tells you to stand behind the line (formed by cobble stone on the ground) in front of the Bloody gate. 1. At left of everyone so you can see the middle part of the ceremoy taking place at distant outer gates (the ones being locked.) or 2. In front of the Bloody gate where first and the near last part of the ceremony takes place. Either case, you want to be at right at the stone line on the ground. When the Yeoman tells you to follow him to watch the last part of the ceremony, you must literally walk withing touching distance of his coat or you will not be able to see the ceremony. The position 2 is better to accomplish this.

Script of the ceremony is at:
Jul 19th, 1998, 01:30 PM
Madelaine Dalton
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I sent for pass at the address given above and received pass for daughter and I in about 2 weeks but I was very lucky. All of above is correct but don't think it mentioned to self-address the envelope you include. Gotta make it as easy as possible for them.

From all I've read at this forum, we are REALLY looking forward to this Ceremony.

Good Luck!
Jul 19th, 1998, 02:30 PM
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We also had to list everyone's full name and address on the application for tickets.

It was really a great ceremony.
Jul 31st, 1998, 07:48 PM
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Just got two tickets for August 27th. Took 10 days. Sent 2 international postal coupons and self addressed envlope - legal size. Ticket and info letter fit perfectly. Good luck. Address given previously is correct.
Jul 31st, 1998, 11:23 PM
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I got my pass in about two weeks, and I am looking forward to the ceremony...the advice on where to stand in line will serve me well, and I can walk rather fast, so that's no problem..
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