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JOHN Nov 14th, 1999 08:56 AM

Cell phone standards
I want to buy a phone that will work stateside and in Moscow and the 'Russian boonies'.

Rex Nov 14th, 1999 10:24 AM

I don't think it exists yet. Motorola stock recently soared upon the announcement that they are launching a new chip (chipset?) which will enable phones that can talk to the several different standards in use around the world. When they hit the market (Q2, 2000?), I'm sure it will be very big news and you will be bombarded by ads on the internet and everywhere else letting you know "they've arrived" - - and like everything else, the price will drop about 1% a week for the first year or so.

helena Nov 14th, 1999 10:34 AM

I have seen some ads, here in Europe, for a multi-band phone that would work on the European standards and on the US standards. I don't remember the maker, but I believe it's Ericcson. If you can, wait even 6 months and you'll definitely have more choices. Apparently the multi-band phones are still quite big, in comparison to the cool new Nokias and other phones I've seen here in Europe. I'm sure you can get a phone in Moscow that will work on both sides of the ocean. You can get them here in Prague -- albeit there are extremely limited choices. I doubt they've hit the US yet, where mobile phones seem much less common than they are here. Everyone and their grandmother has one in areas where traditional land lines aren't in ample supply.

lola Nov 14th, 1999 02:34 PM

An aside: My favorite cell phone story is when I was in Lapland about five years ago, and a herder in full Lap regalia out in the desolate fells above the Arctic circle was chatting on a cell phone while herding reindeer. I came home and finally bought one myself.

miriam Nov 14th, 1999 05:07 PM

Hi John, <BR>youŽve different possibilities. I own a cellphone by Bosch which works on American and European GSM standard and a triple-band phone by Motorola which works all over the world. I donŽt know if those where sold in the US already but youŽll definetely get them in Germany f.e. And the reception in Moscow is quite good. <BR> <BR>Have fun <BR> <BR>Miriam

Konstantin Nov 16th, 1999 04:40 AM

Hello John, <BR>Working here in Moscow in cellular communication business I can assure you that your common AMPS or D-AMPS phone will work in Moscow as well as in many Russian provinces. Unlike the rest of Europe American AMPS and D-AMPS standards are allowed and working in Russia as well as European GSM-900, GSM-1800 and NMT-450 standards. Moscow D-AMPS operator is called Bee-Line, just check your local operator about the roaming ability. Have a nice trip! <BR>Konstantin

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