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EC Sep 26th, 2002 01:03 PM

Celebrity Spotting?
Plan to do some people watching while in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice). Best spots to see some celebrities while sipping some caffeine?<BR><BR>Please share your brushes with fame.

RC Sep 26th, 2002 01:14 PM

Museums are a good bet. This is kind of a lame celebrity sighting, but we were ten feet away from our own Senator Chuck Schumer while looking at David in Florence.

Chris Sep 26th, 2002 01:18 PM

In Campo dei Fiori you can see Sophia Loren buying flowers every morning. Seat in the cafe in front between 11 and 11.30am and you will see her appear.Giorgio Armani usually goes to drop a coin in Trevi Fountain at 3pm every wendesday. Don't miss it.Ornella Muti always takes her clothes to a Via Veneto laundry on saturday mornings. Hope this can be helpful. Maybe if you wonder around you might be asked to enter a Fellini movie.

So. Calif Sep 26th, 2002 01:45 PM

Living in Southern California, we see them all the time....too much in fact. We try to avoid them rather than spot them.

EC Sep 26th, 2002 03:00 PM

Well, in NYC, they're really low key normally, and with the crowds, they do become tough to spot.<BR><BR>But the question is for Italy, not Calif.

Bashful Sep 26th, 2002 03:16 PM

You can usually spot the pope if you hang out long enough at the Vatican.

Alexa Sep 27th, 2002 07:04 AM

In Venice at the Cipriani or at Harry's Bar. In Sardinia, on the Costa Smerelda. In Rome, at the DeRussie. In Milan, all over the place during fashion week. We have run into many celebrities walking throught the small villages in the hill towns of Tuscany.

kate Sep 27th, 2002 07:10 AM

I saw Catherine Denueve on Blvd St Germain,(her neighborhood) I have seen a few AMerican actors at Cafe Deux Magots,passed Marc Jacobs (designer) on the street in Paris and in NYC!, while in London in Covent Garden met two actors who were currently starring in plays. One we had just seen so we stood in the street and chatted with him about it, he wanted to know if the play which was also on Broadway in NY was as good, something that most likely would not happen when meeting an American actor in the US. <BR>Sat beside a FRench actor and his extremely surgically enhanced GF in a restaurant in Paris.<BR>

xxx Sep 27th, 2002 07:50 AM

So. California person, I hope you're as impressed with yourself as we are with you. What did your stupid comment have to do with the question?

So. Calif Sep 27th, 2002 08:14 AM

I am indicating that I am not interested in spotting celebrities anywhere because there are too many where I live. I do not go to Europe to spot celebrities even if I didn't see any at home.

sandra Sep 27th, 2002 09:06 AM

While in Cannes this june about 3 days after film festival ended saw Woody Allen, Tiffany Theissen ( staying at my hotel ) Jean Claude AVan Damn walked past restaurant we were eating in and young girls were chasing him down the street.<BR> My biggest thrill however has been seeing Luther Van Dross in the Grand Union, he lives here in town so we see him alot as do we see Diana Ross, Mel Gibson and Ron Howard

sara Sep 28th, 2002 08:25 PM

A week ago, I saw Donald Sutherland at the Sistine Chapel.

whocares Sep 29th, 2002 02:02 AM

Wow, this shows the level of intelligence of most Americans, who cares a shit about celebrities..I saw once an American see an actor walking in the streets of Milan and she started screaming and shouting with delight, what a stupid reaction.

xxx Sep 29th, 2002 06:28 AM

Hey, whocares, who said anything about Americans? That shows how stupid you are. Europeans seem even more obsessed with celebrity spotting than Americans. By the way Diana was chased and killed in Paris, not the US. And have you ever seen Londoners go nuts when a celebrity is spotted?Thought there was a bomb scare outside the Ritz, there were thousands of people there. Then someone told me they were waiting for some rock group to come out.

jk Sep 29th, 2002 07:33 AM

If there is no purpose in celebrity spotting, that's prob. the same argument for not travelling. Not that I can pick out deniro out of a line up, but many of us do certain things for the fun of it. <BR>And most mobs outside hotels and such for celebs are usu. the LOCALS, not tourists. <BR>And i thought this was a discussion forum, not a "criticism of other people's lives" forum. <BR>have nothing positive to contribute here? move on to something where you do, please.

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